Blondie still cutting it in Sheffield

Blondie: Chris Stein, Debbie Harry and Clem Burke
Blondie: Chris Stein, Debbie Harry and Clem Burke

Blondie are still cutting it after four decades - as they will prove in the cutlery capital of the world this weekend, says knife collector and band co-founder Chris Stein.

He’s a huge fan of the Made In Sheffield brand.

Blondie guitarist Chris Stein

Blondie guitarist Chris Stein

“I used to be a big knife collector and Sheffield is known for its steel and knife production. It would be nice to add to my hobby while I’m here,” he told The Star, in an exclusive chat.

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Blondie, featuring iconic singer Deborah Harry, have just cut a new album called Blondie 4(0) Ever, featuring 11 of their biggest selling songs, packaged with a brand new 12 track album, On Ghosts Of Download.

They’ll feature a mix when they play a sold out date at Sheffield’s O2 Academy on Sunday. It’s a one off show which will follow their Glastobury appearance tomorrow, Friday.

Blonide at Sheffield's O2 Academy on Sunday, June 29.

Blonide at Sheffield's O2 Academy on Sunday, June 29.

Stein says they never get tired of singing the classics incuding Heart Of Glasss, One Way Or Another, Rapture, Maria, Atomic, Dreaming and Denis.

“The live versions are usually way different than the recorded versions - in just that we are playing in a different situation. It’s one thing to do a multi-track recording and to go out and try yo do a liver version of the same song.”

So should we call her Deborah Harry, or Debbie?

“I’ve no idea how Debbie Harry became Deborah. I don;t think she has an real preferance.

“I call her Debbie mostly. Or hey you,

“We’ve always been good friends. She’s a nice person and easy to get along with, I find.”

She turns 69 next Tuesday, Stein is aged 64, and original drummer Clem Burke, is 58. So how long can they continue to tour the world and play live.

Stein says: “Old age is a bitch. You can quote me on that. Things slow down a little bit. But at the same time, touring is a lot easier now.

“I don;t know if we’ll make it to the Steel Wheelchair Tour.

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