Listings: Rock & Pop, Jazz, Folk/Roots, Open Mic/Jams, Opera, Concert & Recitals

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July 18 - July 25 2013


Selected events at the city-wide festival. The comprehensive listings are exclusive to the festival programme on sale for £3 * indicates admission via wristband


*City Hall Ballroom: Lanterns On The Lake, Alessis Ark, Without Feathers, doors 7pm.

02 Academy: 12 Dirty Bullets, DUMB, Roger the Mascot, doors 6.30pm.

*Sheffield Cathedral: St George’s Chapel - Oxo Foxo, 7pm; Juffage, 8pm, Josh Record 9pm, Hey Sholay, 10pm.

*Leadmill: King Charles: London-born singer, guitarist and award-winning songwriter performs his eclectic brand of alternative pop and indie with his band, 7pm.

*Plug: B.Traits, Squarehead, Mella Dee and Geoff Ticehurst, 10pm (£6)

*The Harley: Anushka, Stay Positive, Luke Abbott, Brolin, 7.30pm.

*CADS, Smithfield, Shalesmoor: DO$CH, The Amelia Carter Band, Robin Hoare Band, 7pm-1am.

The Greystones: Feelix, 6.15pm - 7pm , Specs Band, 7.30pm - 8.15pm, The SidewinderZ, 8.45pm - 9.15pm, The Hosts, 10pm - 10.45pm

The Washington: : Mixed In Sheffield, The Hope Explosion, Briganti, YKIMS featuring the Mighty, Twin Bears, ParisXY, From A Window

West Street Live: The Daze, Roaming Son, Pisco Sour Hour, Deltasound, Stop Drop Robot, Chess Peace, 7pm-4am.

Bungalows and Bears: DJs Krystal Klea, Happa, Apes & Seb Wildblood, Transmission, Collective, True Fiction, Huwho, 6pm.

Frog and Parrot, Division Street: Adam Howarth, 5pm, Blind Drivers, 6pm, New Camaros, 7pm, Bang Bang Romeo, 8pm, Ghouls, 9pm, Tropic of Youth, 10pm, The Black Tambourines, 11pm.

Delaney’s, Cemetery Road: open mic, 12-4pm, Bongo and the Soul Jar, 5pm, The Glavins, 6.30pm, The Brink, 7.30pm, Lateral Vision, 8.15pm, Frank White Band with special guests, 9.15pm.

Red Deer, Pitt Street: Captives on the Carousel, 7pm, Jack’s Rake, 8pm, Michael J Tinker, 9pm, Short Stories, 10pm.

The Great Gatsby, Division Street: Money, Blossomer, Abe, The Rainy Day Club, Dan Whitehouse, Dirdsbead.

Tiger Works, West Street: Fluidity, 5pm, Jackson Caged, 6pm, S10, 7pm, Our Livelihood, 8pm, The Fevers, 9pm-10pm.

Shakespeares, Gibraltar Street: The Bards Bar (Upstairs) - The Blame, Dave Woodcock & The Dead Comedians, Glitches, BlackCatWhiteCat, The Bluehearts; The Stableyard Stage - Balkan Bandits, Matt Taylor & Alice Faraday (from Dead Like Harry), Black Hares, 7pm.

Redhouse: Brave New Storm, Rik Warren, Dwight Pereira, Golden Age Magicians, Growlin’ Al Gordon, DJ Steven Mackay.


*Devonshire Green Main Stage: Saturday: Anushka; Dutch Uncles; Eliza and the Bear; Fenech Soler; Friends; Lianne La Havas; Lulu James; Masters In France; Ty.

*Peace Gardens World Stage: Chill Foo Showcase, Concord, Ink, Jungle Lion, K.O.G & The Allstar Revolution, Kuduru Dance With Angelina, Mc Nige, Rust, Soukous Revelation, Soulfunkful, The Mankala Band, The Verals, Truly Apparent.

*Folk Forest, Endcliffe Park: Captives On The Carousel, Rozi Plain, The Early Cartographers, The Little Mesters Label Showcase, The Lost Brothers, The Payroll Union, This Is The Kit,

*02 Academy: New Young Pony Club, The Invisible, 2.54, Sky Larkin, Cheatahs, Thumpers, Pins , Menace Beach, The Hosts, Payroll Union, Waylayers, Weirds, Death Rattle, Brave New Storm, Liberty Ship, noon to 9pm; Made Of Stone screening and aftershow party with Dave Haslam (Hacienda/Spike island) 808 State (DJ Set), 8.30pm; Toddla T Sound/ David Rodigan/ DJ EZ/ Stylo G/ Dub Phizix/ Strategy/ Dre Skull, 10pm.

*City Hall Ballroom: Amplifier, Anathema (acoustic), I Like Trains, The Pineapple Thief, Maybeshewill, noon to midnight.

Sheffield Cathedral: St George’s Chapel - Ajmal, 2pm, High Hazel, 3pm, Canyon Family, 4pm David J Roch, 5pm, George Ezra, 6pm, Nat Johnson, 7pm, Sam Airey, 8pm, Cuckoo Clocks, 9pm, Nadine Shah, 10pm; Domino Hall - Don’t Sleep Dream, 1.30pm, Low Duo, 2.30pm, Frankie Vera, 2.30pm; , Ian Britt, 4.30pm. OneGirlOneBoy, 5.30pm, Captives on the Carousel, 6.30pm, Sarah Jay Hawley, 7.30pm, Mark Nichols, 8.30pm, Jamie Lawson, 9.30pm.

Doors Midday – 9pm

*Weston Park: Fossil Collective, High Hazels, Polkadodge, Scoundrel, See Emily Play (feat. Stannington Brass Band), Silent Devices, Sour Cherry, Wild Sons Of Gentlemen,.

*Plug: Steve Papa Edwards, Hot Soles, Clubs And Spades & Scoundrel, 6.30pm (£6).

The Greystones: Spess, 6.15pm - 7pm ,Hannah McIver & Alex McKown, 7.30pm - 8.15pm, The Jery At Controls, 8.45pm - 9.15pm, Unsung National Heroes, 10pm - 10.45pm.

*Millennium Gallery: Prism 14 exhibition, Plenty Vibes, 6pm-10pm, Third Angel, 8pm-8.30pm, Aches, 8.30-9pm, Greatwaves, 9.30-10pm;: 65daysofstatic present Sleepwalk City, noon to 5pm, Sunday, noon to 4pm, also live 30-minute sets, 7.30pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm, 10.30pm, 11.30pm.

*The Harley: Public Service Broadcasting, Mistys Big Adventure, Mr Benn, Andy H, 50 Sniffs, 7.30pm.

The Washington: Black Tambourines, Wooderson, Fever Dream, Mowbird, Fawn Spots, Pet Rock, Brazinskas, Ohnonotthem, Forrest

West Street Live: Towards The Sun, Scott & The Megablocks, Exit Strategy One, Drop Dead Angus, Input To Main, Scrim, Sweet Little Machine, Santiago Kings, Absolute Beginners, Tommy Jones Band, Naked Potato, Little Imp(Acoustic)Deadset Dream, 2pm-4am.

Three Cranes: See Sor Saw, Kolam, Meson, Mick Beck trio, Myyhrish, Inclusion Principle, Tarana, 2.30pm-11pm.

Leopold Square: Danny Maddocks Band, 1pm-3pm, Cookin’ Pots, 3.30pm - 5.30pm, Ryan Taylor Band, 6pm-8pm, DJs , 8pm-10pm;

Record Collector, Broomhill: Nadine Shah, 4pm.

Bungalows and Bears: Holy Other , Wife, Abe, The Soft and DJs Lorca, Tcts, Wild Heron 6pm.

Delaney’s: open mic, 12-2pm, James Taplin and Mick Holmes, 2.30pm, The Jack Londoners, 4pm, Mynas, 5pm, Invitro Babies, 6pm, Dosch, 7pm, Carmen Ghia and the Hotrods, 8pm, Montuno, 9.30pm.

Red Deer: The Black Hares, 7pm, Keith Auto, 8pm,Torsr, 9pm, Tales From the Hills,, 10pm.

CADS, Smithfield, Shalesmoor: Roaming Son, Mudcats Blues Trio, The Blackbirds, Downtown Roots, M & J Blues, 1pm-11pm.

The Great Gatsby: Five Leaf Nettles, Just Handshake, L’Amour des reves, Loom, Only Real, Pixel Fix, Superfood, Traams, Tropic Of Youth, Wooderson

Tiger Works: The Verals, noon, Left Ajar, 1pm, Fly On Byrd, Fly On, 2pm, Before We Are, 3pm, Soul Shredder, 4pm, The Winnebagos, 5pm, Chayser, 6pm, Cable 35, 7pm, Goat Leaf, 8pm-9pm.

Shakespeares, Gibraltar Street: The Bards Bar - The Gentlemen, Babeshadow, High Hazels, Brave New Storm, Samuel Taylor (from Dead Like Harry), The New Union, 10 Bob Millionaire, Banned From Reno, Camp Stag, Friends Of Batman; The Stableyard Stage - Kid Conventional, Captives Of The Carousel, The Sharrow, The Anything Goes Orchestra, Jack Fate, The Shakespeares Folk Collective, 2pm.

Bath Hotel, Victoria Street: , Big City Blues band, 9pm.

Green Room, Division Street: Tree Beard & Friends, 2pm-2.30pm, Spit n Strings, 3pm-3.30pm, Jack Athey Quarte, 4pm-4.30pm, The Glavins 5pm -5.30pm, Famous Villains, 7pm-7.30pm,

Sour Cherry, 8pm-8.30pm, Blind Drivers, 8.45pm-9.15pm, Roger the Mascot, 9.30pm-10pm.

The Fat Cat, Alma Street: Big City Blues band, 3pm-5.30pm.


*Devonshire Green Main Stage: Everly Pregnant Brothers; Jim Jones Revue; Teleman; The Crookes; The Selecter; Theme Park; Veronica Falls.

*Peace Gardens World Stage: The Dope And Mean Breakdance Competition, Alex And Oscar, The Neanderthals, The Tuesday Project, Young Sheffield Hip Hop And R&B Showcase, Shangaan Electro, Sound Kickers Music Project, The 616, The Clubland Detectives, The Sparkle Sistaz, The Stars Band.

*Folk Forest, Endcliffe Park: Barrule, Bridie Jackson And The Arbours, Carl Woodford, John Smith, Neil Mcsweeney, The Mother Folkers, Woolly Mammoth.

*02 Academy: Dog is Dead, Rolo Tomassi, Tall Ships, Wet Nuns, Lemuria, TTNG, Eagulls, Kagoule, Castrovalva, LTNT, Bad Blood, Avida Dollars, Fallen Trees, noon to 9pm.

*Weston Park: Charlie Cooper, Danny Beattie And The Biggafish Tour, Steve Papa Edwards And The Big Strong Love, Stop Drop Robot, The Broken Saints, The Harley Ear Blues Band.

*Millennium Gallery: 65daysofstatic present Sleepwalk City, noon to 4pm, also live 30-minute sets; 6.30pm, 7.30pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm, ,

Sheffield Cathedral: Domino Hall - Creative Edge Project partipants’ Showcase.

The Washington: Whispers in the Attic, 3.30pm, Martin Black,4.15pm, Big Convoy, 5pm, White Bear, 5.45pm, ,The Darlingtons, 6:30 pm, St Jimmy, 7.15pm, Emma Jade Garbutt, 8pm, Ryan Young, 8.45pm, , The Wicca, 9.30pm, Smash DJ’s, 10.15pm..

West Street Live: Raised As Wolves, Like Rome, Hiram, Awooga, Gilmore Trail, Galleon, Perfect Crimes, Regulus, Cruel Acrobat, 3pm-4am.

Leopold Square: Dixie Three, 1pm-3pm,Dizzy Club, 3.30pm - 5.30pm, Montuno, , 6pm-8pm, DJs, 8pm-10pm.

Bungalows and Bears: Wolf Alice, Blessa, Swimming Lessons, Sisters and DJs Jewels Verne, 6pm.

Delaney’s: Kath Auto, 3pm, Natalie McCool, 4pm, Alex Quinn and the Man in the Street, 5pm, Lindsay Dracass, Gary Bayliss, Steve Beighton and Shaun Perry, Darren Ford. Soul & Motown Review, 6pm, Julian Jones, 7pm, Grey Cooper Blues Experience, 8pm.

Red Deer: Backyard Buskers, 7pm, Marion Oveson, 8pm, Terry Gallagher, 9pm, William Severs, 10pm.

The Great Gatsby: Rumpus, God Damn, Nately’s Whore’s Kid Sister, Vladimir

Tiger Works: Tiger Works: Nitromors, noon, Hail To The Eskimo, 1pm, Skyligers, 2pm, Somewhere In Switzerland, 3pm, Northern Oak, 4pm, Fear Lies, 5pm, The Dismissive Attack, 6pm, Small Print, 7pm, All Down But 9, 8pm, Calico Fever, 9pm.

Shakespeares, Gibraltar Street: The Bards Bar - I Set The Sea On Fire, Pylo, Pocket Satellite,

Grafham Water Sailing Club, The Broken Saints, Polkadodge, Dandelions & Buttercups, The Clench; from 3pm; Stableyard - Dave Sleney, 2.30pm, Tommy R. Jones, 3.30pm, The Farewell State, 4.30pm, Boss Caine, 5.30pm The Listeners, 6.30pm, Richard Kitson, 7.30pm, Big Convoy, 8.30pm Roaming Son, 9.30pm



Room 94: 02 Academy, Arundel Gate, doors 7pm (£7 adv). or Friday - check

Cherry Lee Mewis: snger/songwriter whose fans include Imelda May and Seasick Steve, a 5ft nothing powerhouse presents a fine mix of blues, jazz, skiffle and 50’s rock n roll all with hints of Janis Joplin and Jo Ann Kelly, The Greystones, 8pm ( £8 adv).

Forrest/ Elopes: emerging talents on the pysch-fuzz-garage scene, with the resident Freaky Fuzz DJs, @DJ_WayZ & @StackingCats, The Washington, Fitzwilliam Street.

10 Take/ Redlights/ Red Faces/ The Informers/ Richard Dilks: West Street Live, West Street.

Lindsay Dracass: White Lion, London Road, Heeley, 9pm.

The Screaming Kidneys: Tramlines warm-up, Delaneys Music Bar, 8pm - 11.30pm.


Laughing Gravy: Bar Abbey, Abbeydale Picturehouse, Abbeydale Road.


King Bee: New Barrack Tavern, Penistone Road, 9pm.

Red Hot White: White Lion, London Road, Heeley, 9pm.

Bella Vie: Wadsley Bridge WMC, Halifax Road.

Rodger: The Shiny Sheff, Crimicar Lane, Lodge Moor, 9pm.

Mystery Train: rock and roll band, Woodlands Club, off Doncaster Road, Rotherham, 9pm.


Delise: Wadsley Bridge WMC, Halifax Road.

Carnival: Clowne Rock and Blues Club, Villa Park, Recreation Close, Clowne, Sunday, 8.30pm-11pm (no membership required).



Saint Sorrow: West Street Live, West Street.


Mary Coughlan Trio: cocktail of jazz, folk, cabaret, blues and contemporary, The Greystones, 8pm (£15 adv).

Deletreus/Warr/Midnight Nemesis/The Wilde: West Street Live, West Street.


The Protoneers/ Eddifus Rex: West Street Live, West Street.

Caught Stealing: White Lion, London Road, Heeley, 9pm.


Sheffield Jazz Society: recital, Jellyroll Morton Jazz Composer, Meersbrook Park United Reform Church, Chesterfield Road/ Beeton Road, Monday, 1.45pm (visitors welcome, 2303742).

Jazz Preservation Society: residency for the trad and mainstream ensemble, Norfolk Arms, Ringinglow, Mondays, 8.45pm (£3 entry).

Jazz at The Lescar: transatlantic sextet Locus featuring US-based Leah Gough-Cooper (alto) with more of the UK’s most exciting young jazz talent - Riley Stone-Lonergan (tenor), Kim Macari (trumpet), Sam Leak (piano, here recently with his group Aquarium), Tom Wheatley (bass) and Jay Davis (drums), Lescar Hotel, Sharrowvale Road, Hunter’s Bar, Wednesday, 9pm (£5).

The Big Swing: Revolucion de Cuba, Mappin Street, Wednesdays from 7pm with informal swing dance class with pro DJ and dance instructor Mike Tate, 9pm with live music, 8.30pm-1am.

Nicola Farnon: swing jazz and funk from the bass-playing vocalist, Cubana Tapas Bar, Trippet Lane, Thursday, July 25, 8.30pm.


Paul Pearson & Chris Treebeard: Tramlines warm-up night with a display by Sheffield City Morris, plus singers and musicians, Crookes Folk Club, The Princess Royal, Slinn Street, tonight (Thursday), 7.30pm (free).

Cherry Lee Mewis: Powerhouse singer/songwriter influenced by ‘roots’n’blues’, with songs from her third studio album, Heard It Here First. The Greystones, tonight (Thursday), 8pm.

Sheffield City Morris: The Princess Royal, Slinn Street, Crookes, Thursday, July 18, 7.30pm, Cobden View, Crookes, 8.30pm.

Acoustic music & singing: Folk songs, own songs, pop songs old and new at the Cobden View, Cobden View Road, Crookes, Thursdays, 9pm.

Stainsby Folk Festival: 45th festival featuring Merry Hell, John Kirkpatrick, Alistair Anderson, Maggie Boyle, Elbow Jane, etc. Brunts Farm, Stainsby, Chesterfield, Friday-Sunday (

Tramlines Special: featuring Hilary Blythe, J-Mart, Soapstone Dragon, Richard Kitson, Hugh Waller, Grassoline, Crookes Folk Club, The Princess Royal, Slinn Street, Friday, 8pm (free).

Cartwheel Folk. Free, all floor spots welcome,featuring Clive Hudson, Old Horns, High Bradfield, Friday, 8:30pm.

.Reg Meuross & Jess Vincent/Shaun Hutch: The Rock, Wesley Centre, Blyth Road, Maltby, Friday, 7.30pm.

No Smoke Folk: Commercial Hotel, Station Road, Chapeltown, Fridays, 8.30pm.

Folk Forest: Tramlines line-up in Endcliffe Park comprising This Is The Kit, The Lost Brothers, The Payroll Union, Rozi Plain, The Little Mesters Label Showcase, Captives On The Carousel and The Early Cartographers, Saturday, noon-7pm, and John Smith, Woolly Mammoth, Neil McSweeney, Brulle, Bridie Jackson & The Arbour, The Mother Folkers and Carl Woodford, Sunday, noon-7pm.

Bob Fox: Singer and guitarist, especially of traditional songs from the North East, Wortley Folk Club, The Venue, Manchester Road, Stocksbridge, Saturday, 8.15pm.

Dogwood Rose: local folk/americana trio, .Rising Sun, Nether Gree, Monda, 9pm.

Sheffield City Morris Men: Cotswold style dance team, welcomes dancers old and new in the Burton Room at the Burton Street Centre, Hillsborough, Mondays, 7.45pm, and from 9.45pm in the Gardener’s Rest ( or contact Dominic Rice, 2665373).

Irish music session: Bath Hotel, Victoria Street, off West Street, Mondays, 8pm.

Open mic/acoustic evening, The Greystones, Monday, 8pm (free).

Booit Straps Folk Club: singers/ musicians, Commercial Hotel, Station Road, Chapeltown, Mondays, 8pm.

Folk train: Handsworth Sword Dancers join the train on the Hope Valley line, offering an entertaining mix of music, song and drama.. Folk music on the train to and from Edale and a musical evening at The Rambler Country House Hotel (real ale and good food). Leaves Sheffield< Tuesday, 7.14 pm.

Sing-Folk-Speak: Nancy Kerr and Ray Hearne perform songs, joined by academics from the Universities of Sheffield and Liverpool to talk about the city and the countryside in folk song.

As this year’s event is part of the University of Sheffield’s Yorkshire Voices project, the focus will on all things South Yorkshire. The Greystones, Greystones Road, Tuesday, 8pm (free; no booking needed; contact

Folk Night: Shakespeares, Gibraltar Street, Shalesmoor, Wednesdays.

Virtually Acoustic: Up and coming talent from across Yorkshire, The Hop, West One Plaza, Fitzwilliam Street, Wednesdays, 8pm.

Rivelin Folk Club: Nether Edge Bowling Club, Nether Edge Road, Wednesdays, 8.30pm (, tel 2665638).

Mary Coughlan Trio: Two nights of the Irish singer’s potent mix of jazz, folk, cabaret and blues, The Greystones, Wednesday and Thursday, 8pm (£15 adv).

Nigel Parson: Singers and musicians welcome, Crookes Folk Club, Princess Royal, Slinn Street, Thursday, July 25, 8pm (free).


Acoustic Music and Singing: any style, all welcome to bring and play instruments, sing or simply listen (and drink), Cobden View, Cobden View Road, Crookes, every Thursday, 9pm (

Acoustic Music and Open Mic Night: hosted by Chris Firminger with any participants welcome to bring along two or three songs of their choice, Norfolk Arms, Ringinglow, Thursdays, 8.30pm.

Local Band Jam: Delaney’s Music Bar, Cemetery Road, off London Road, Thursdays, 8pm.

The Velcro Teddybears Acoustic Picnic: open mic for one and all, The RS Bar (Royal Standard), St Mary’s Road, every Thursday, 9pm.

Acoustic Tunes and Songs: bring your instrument, voice, join in or just listen, White Lion, London Road, Heeley, Monday, 8pm.

Can You Jam?: Malin Bridge, Hillsborough, Saturday.

Open Mic Night/ Music Quiz: South Sea, Spooner Road, Broomhill, Sunday.

Irish Night: Delaney’s Music Bar, Cemetery Road, Mondays, 7.30pm.

Acoustic Tunes and Songs: bring your instrument, voice, join in or just listen, White Lion, London Road, Heeley, Monday, 8pm.

Open Mic: The Harlequin, Nursery Street, Tuesday.

Just Jamming:The Black Bull, Ecclesfield, Thursdays.

Open Mic Night: Delaney’s, Cemetery Road, Tuesdays, 8.30pm-11.30pm.

Live@NBT: Open Mic Night, New Barrack Tavern, Penistone Road, Hillsborough, every Wednesday, 8pm

Open Mic: weekly sessions Fleur De Lys, Totley, Wednesdays (all welcome, call Alex on 07572464451).

Blues Jam Night: all welcome backline provided, Delaney’s Music Bar, Cemetery Road, off London Road, Wednesdays, 8pm.

Jam Session: Woodseats Club, The Dale, every Sunday 5.30 - 8pm (non members welcome).

Totley Music Festival! Admission to all events is free.

Bob Hall: internationally-renowned blues and boogie pianist, with Hilary Blythe, critically acclaimed folk and blues singer, Cross Scythes, Baslow Road, Thursday, July 18, 7.30pm.

Folk Concert: featuring many of the artists who made last year’s concert a success, Heatherfield, Baslow Road,, 7.30pm.

Sycamore/ The Hendersons: evening of great rock music, Heatherfield, Baslow Road, Saturday, , 8pm


Sheffield Chorale: warm up for Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana with three of Eric Whitacre’s better known pieces: Sleep; I thank you God for this most amazing day; and Cloudburst, the indestructible Orff being performed in its two-piano and percussion version with Rebecca Lambert (soprano), Stewart Campbell (tenor), Jeremy Dawson (baritone) the soloists, Linda Wareham, Ian Sharpe the pianists, Mixed Metals Percussion Ensemble, and the conductor is Neil Taylor. St John’s Church, Ranmoor, Saturday, 7.30pm (£10/ £8 concessions/ £6 students, under 16s free, including refreshments).


Ends Sunday. Main events, Pavilion Arts Centre, except as indicated. Opera performances preceded by talk, Pavilion Arts Centre, 6.15pm. Box office 0845 127 2190, online tickets, further information, via festival website.

Melvyn Bragg: talks about his latest book Grace and Mary with an intriguing premise: in her nineties, nothing can reawaken Mary’s fading memories until it is discovered that what she longs for most is Grace, the mother she barely knew. Opera House, Thursday, July 18, 10.30am (£8.50).

Fibonacci Sequence: Schubert’s ‘Trout’ Quintet at the second of four concerts from the highly rated instrumental ensemble – Leon Bosch is the double bass player. Thursday, July 18, 12-noon (£12).

Fibonacci Sequence: Mozart’s Oboe Quartet and Piano Quartet K478, book-end Glazunov’s Elegy Op 44 (viola, piano) and Schumann’s Romance Op 94 (oboe, piano). Thursday, July 18, 2pm (£12).

Catherine Bailey/ Clive Aslet: noted authors explore dark secrets behind their books, the former at Belvoir Castle in 1940 (Black Diamonds), the latter a war memorial in a Dartmoor village. Thursday, July 18, 4pm (£8.50).

La Finta Giardiniera: last two performances of Mozart’s most regularly seen early opera in a highly successful festival production with much hilarity and a strong seven-member cast headed by Andrew Kennedy, Ellie Laugharne as ‘the fake gardener’ and Stephanie Corley. Sung in Italian (English titles). Opera House, Thursday, July 18, 7.15pm; Sunday, 3.30pm (£15-£58) – no talk, Sunday.

Antonia Fraser: phenomenally successful author. Friday, 10.30am (sold out).

Fibonacci Sequence: cosmopolitan mix of Beethoven – Quintet for piano and wind; Barber – Summer Music (wind quintet); Cecilia McDowall – Century Dances (wind trio); Poulenc – Nocturne No 1 (piano), Sextet for piano and wind. Friday, 2pm (£19).

Jane Ridley: examines the often-overlooked virtues of ‘Bertie’, as Edward VII is regularly referred to. Friday, 4pm (£8.50).

Fortunio: highly rated Grange Park Opera makes its festival debut with the tuneful romp by the undervalued Messager wherein a bored young wife, married to an elderly lawyer, carries on an affair with a handsome soldier using a youthful employee of her husband to shield to hide it, until he falls for her. Sung in French (English side titles). Opera House, Friday, 7.15pm (£15-£58).

James Pearson Trio/ Lizzie Ball: first of two stands by resident Ronnie Scott Jazz Club pianist and talented young violinist with local connections. Pavilion Café, Friday, 10mpm (sold out).

Simon Jenkins: distinguished journalist, knighted in 2004, delivers a politically flavoured, short history of England in inimitable style from the Dark Ages to the present one. Saturday, 10.30am (£8.50).

Knights of the Round Tabla: the said Indian drum player being Shirishkumar who is joined by ‘The Fire Poet’, Philip Wells, to relate nonsense, myth and everyday magic through the rhythmical music of words. Saturday, 12-noon (£12).

Diana Moore: English mezzo-soprano who pursues a distinguished operatic and concert career in Europe and America performs songs by female English composers: Maude Valerie White, Rebecca Clarke, Liza Lehmann, Amy Woodforde-Finden (yes, Kashmiri Song!), Elisabeth Lutyens, Ethel Smyth among the better known names, with pianist John Reid. Saturday, 2pm (£12).

Derek Niemann: wildlife writer tells the hitherto unknown, remarkable story of four POWs who survived life behind barbed wire through a shared love of birds and aided in a daring escape. Saturday, 4pm (£8.50).

La Princesse Jaune/ Le Colombe: last performance the festival’s super Saint-Saëns/ Gounod opera double bill with Anne Sophie Dupels in the former (sung in French, English titles), Gillian Keith in the latter (sung in English), Ryan MacPherson flitting between both and Stephen Barlow conducting. Opera House, Saturday, 7.15pm (£15-£58).

James Pearson Trio/ Lizzie Ball: continue the previous evening’s Great American Songbook themed gig with tributes to George Shearing, Stephane Grappelli and Peggy Lee among others. Pavilion Café, Saturday, 10pm (£15).

Barry Millington: meaning one thing only if he is in town this year, a discourse on all things Wagner. Sunday, 10.30am (£8.50).

Stravinsky’s Renard: performed by the male half of the eight singers on the festival’s Young Artists programme, plus a music theatre piece by Stephen Oliver, Exposition of a Picture, conductor Stephen Barlow. Sunday, 12-noon (£12).

Poetry in the Pavilion: wide-ranging poetry performance and conversation in the company of three popular poets, John Elinger, Roger Elkin and F Philip Holland. Sunday, 2pm (£8.50).