Maldini’s album a double production


SCREAMING Maldini’s debut album has been a long time coming.

The Sheffield band have toured endlessly, released EPs, recorded, written and rehearsed and this weekend - after much anticipation - the self titled release will finally hit the shelves.

“We’ve been slowly building towards this for a long time,” says Nick Cox. “It’s been a long time coming and finally it’s here, we’ve been really pushing over the last year to get out there.”

“We‘ve been building a collection of songs over the last three years and our songwriting has definitely developed. We have become more personal with our lyrics and more meaningful and the melodies are better-structured than they were before.”

The album was produced twice - at first by Cox himself in his home studio off Ecclesall Road and then in Liverpool.

It follows the band’s Life in Glorious Stereo and Secret Sounds EP releases and while, in many ways, the new album represents a pared-down Screaming Maldini, it also ends with an epic 40-piece vocal part, which dozens of people duly volunteered for at the behest of Cox.

“Anyone that came to the house - family, friends, whoever - was dragged into the studio and recorded,” he says.

Screaming Maldini have not only been busy recording their album, the band have also been perfecting their live repertoire.

“We’ve been playing our material and throughout our UK tour we’ve tweaked the set list and perfected it and last weekend, in Colchester, we nailed it. We really enjoyed playing and the response was really good.” The band are looking forward to celebrating their album release on home turf, in the Showroom bar on Friday as part of Sheffield Adventure Film Festival and at The Harley on Saturday.