VIDEO: Michael Buble Sheffield gig sold out ‘instantly’

Michael Buble has smashed Sheffield Motorpoint Arena box office records - his charity gig tomorrow night sold out in an ‘instant’, writes Graham Walker.

VIDEO: Press the play button to watch our video report - including the fan who queued 20-hours for a front row ticket, for his mum.

Michael Buble fans queuing for tickets outside Sheffield Motorpoint Arena.

Michael Buble fans queuing for tickets outside Sheffield Motorpoint Arena.

The 12,000 fans lucky enough to get a ticket will be the first in the world to see his new world tour.

It’s a full dress rehearsal, ahead of his To Be Loved dates, which kicks off with 10-nights at London’s O2 Arena on Sunday.

But the dedicated charity crooner decided to hand over the proceeds to Hallam FM’s Cash For Kids, helping needy children, and Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

So a ‘double Buble’ treat the steel city, said one fan.

Gareth Carson queued for 20-hours to get his mum a front row seat for Michael Buble.

Gareth Carson queued for 20-hours to get his mum a front row seat for Michael Buble.

Technically it took a couple of hours to process tickets for more than 200 people who queued around the building- including Gareth Carson, pictured left, who spent 20-hours outside to get front row tickets for his mum.

But with the majority of the 12,000 tickets sold online and by phone the job was done before it really started.

“We’ve managed to sell the tickets out in record time. I think you can safely say it was an ‘instant’ sell out,’’ said Simon Bailey, Marketing Manager at the Motorpoint.

“It’s fantastic news. What we had hoped for and half expected.

“It’s not easy processing 12,000 tickets but online tickets are allocated virtually instantly - so as soon as the internet lines open, tickets have gone.”

Gareth Carson, aged 29, of Darnall, Sheffield, told how he queued from 1pm on Tuesday afternoon to guarantee front row tickets for his super fan mum (wouldn’t give here name).

The nail-technician really nailed it - beaming a huge smile when he finally got his hands on the tickets just after 9am.

He said: “Brilliant. My mum has always wanted to see Michael Buble. She’s going to be so excited. I can’t wait to ring her with the news. She knew I was coming, but not that I’ve got her front row tickets. I’m usually at work on Wednesday morning.” 

Olivia Hall, aged 20, of Sheffield, a hairdresser and pub worker, said: “We started queuing at 1pm. It’s been a long 20-years. But I watched Michael Buble on my 18th and it’s my 21st birthday on Friday - the day of the concert itself. So I thought it might be quite nice. And he’s amazing. I’ve got to be at work for 11am so I had to be in  the front of the queue, to be able to go home and get changed after this.”

Derek Beetlestone, aged 53, of Sheffield, was queuing with wife, Debbie, to treat her to tickets to celebrate their anniversary.

He told The Star:”I started queuing here with my wife, Debbie, on Tuesday at 5pm - because my wife loves Michael Buble and it was out wedding anniversary last Sunday. That’s why I’ve sat here.

Debbie added: “We’re going to see him again in a few weeks in London. This is a little special extra.”

Kate Valentine, of Wickersely, Rotherham,  said: “For it to happen in Sheffield is something really fantastic and the fact that he’s doing it for charities as well. Fantastic. Outstanding. Astonishing.”

Sigourney Denis, 22, of Birmingham, a pastry chef, said: “My mum and dad live in Sheffield, so I’ve come up to see them and she’s dropped me off here for me to get tickets to see Michael Buble. I’m getting them for all the family.”

Judy Wilson, 62, of Sheffield, said: “Michael Buble is well worth queuing for. You can’t miss up on this opportunity. And all the money is going to charity which makes this even better. You’ve got double Buble.”

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