A history lesson for all out in the garden

The Friar and the Knight have a laugh in Pantaloons' History of Britain
The Friar and the Knight have a laugh in Pantaloons' History of Britain
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The Pantaloons Theatre Company are touring the country with their own inimitable take on the History of Britain this summer and turn up in the Botanical Gardens on Sunday.

With mud, blood and stiff upper-lips, The Pantaloons’ History of Britain is inventive open-air show packed with songs, sketches and silliness and is suitable for all ages.

Harold II and William the Conqueror don’t see eye to eye. Henry VIII decides five marriages just isn’t enough. Queen Victoria is most certainly not amused...

“We characterise our work as post-modern folk theatre,” says Mark Hayward, a founding member of the company and co-writer of the play. “We take well-loved tales - in this case stories from history - and give them a contemporary twist, making them accessible for new audiences and showing seasoned fans something that they perhaps had not seen in them before.”

“The show will feature some more serious moments,” says Hayward. “There’s some quite moving stuff in there that we really wanted to treat with respect. Of course, there is also a rich vein of comedy to mine in the history of Britain and we’ll be squeezing out every last drop!”

The History of Britain is in the Botanical Gardens on Sunday at 7pm.

Tickets at www.thepantaloons.co.uk or by phone on 2496000