Clowning around was never this much fun

SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW coming to the Lyceum Sheffield, November 20-24 2013
SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW coming to the Lyceum Sheffield, November 20-24 2013
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Slava’s Snowshoe

Lyceum Theatre

Billed as a show unlike anything Sheffield had seen before, Slava Snowshow doesn’t disappoint.

Created by the great Russian clown, Slava Polunin, it is spectacular and funny and full of the unexpected. We are in the company of a clown in yellow overalls and fluffy slippers, wild hair and quizzical expressions, and his tall counterpart in long treen coat and hat with huge ear flaps and a mournful face.

Now and again some other green clowns appear. Some sort of narrative is going on but exactly what is anyone’s guess - and that seems to be the point.

It is a mix of the traditional clowning of pratfalls, double takes and exaggerated miming along with magical special effects - dry ice and bubbles, lighting and music

And lots of audience interaction. We get squirted with water, blasted with a blizzard of paper snowflakes, and sprinkled with thousands more of them on high, covered with silky netting - all greeted with squeals of delight.

And as a finale giant inflatable balls are propelled into the auditiorium for the standing audience to knock backwards and forwards in joyous abandon.

The clowns on stage happily toss them back into play and the audience carry on for many more minutes as if they never want the experience to end.

Ian Soutar