Robert is Holby bad boy

Sheffield actor Robert Haythorne
Sheffield actor Robert Haythorne

PLAYING a guest lead role in next week’s episode of Holby City on BBC One is Sheffield’s Robert Haythorne.

“My character is a bit of a bad lad who’s been in trouble with the police and is admitted to hospital with a suspected heart attack,” explains the actor.

“He’s always been looked after by his mother, a single mum, but as things unfold she begins to wonder if she is doing the right thing by always sticking up for him.”

Filming took place at Elstree Studios last November and the day after transmission on Wednesday, Robert will be on the set of another BBC medical soap, Doctors.

“This time I’m the son of a patient who’s had a heart attack defending me from a loan shark,” he reports.

“It’s a single parent again and maybe I get the roles because I’ve experienced living with a single parent first-hand.”

Robert is the son of writer Steve Haythorne, a widower, and grew up in Chapeltown and then Hillsborough.

“I wanted to be an actor since I was nine, it’s the only thing I am good at. My first appearance was in my dad’s first play, The Trojans, at the University Drama Studio and I did amateur dramatics when I was in my teens,” he continues.

“Then I went to Norton College to do a BTec in Performing Arts and then to Arden School of Theatre in Manchester where I learned everything, singing, dancing, as well as acting.”

He has since also appeared in The Arbor, Clea Barnard’s unique drama documentary about Bradford playwright Andrea Dunbar in which actors lip-synched to pre-recorded interviews with the real people they played.

“I actually spoke my own dialogue as a character called Fred who was the driver of a car in which Andrea had a run-in with police,” says Robert.

“But it was still pretty strange because it wasn’t filmed in a car but we sat on car seats out in the open air on the Buttershaw Estate.”

The actor will also be seen in Warp Films’ upcoming release, Tyrannosaur, starring Peter Mullen and marking actor Paddy Considine’s feature directoral debut.

“I auditioned for a role which I didn’t get but Paddy wrote a small part especially for me,” says Robert.