Book Review: Book could change your experience of furniture shopping forever

Have you ever lost someone in Ikea? Turned back from admiring the way the drawers fit so neatly into the shelving unit, to find that your friend/spouse/offspring/partner has disappeared and you can’t find them anywhere.

Friday, 19th November 2021, 6:00 am

The promise of a new world of smooth-running domestic tidiness can evaporate in the turn of an allen key.

Such is the premise of FINNA, a short novel set in LitenVarld, a furniture store that sounds a bit similar the aforementioned; only with an as yet unresolved health and safety issue: wormholes.

Turn the wrong way and you’ll slip out into another universe.

FINNA by Nino Cipri.

You might think that sounds appealing compared to an endless search for the perfect storage solution, but of course, it rather depends on the other universe.

In LitenVarld, the problem comes to light when a young woman arrives at the service desk looking for her lost grandma.

An emergency staff meeting is called, with management looking for volunteers to find the lost customer because the specialist team who used to deal with it was disbanded in a cost cutting exercise.

There’s a training video available – WORMHOLES AND YOU – but no overtime and the only equipment provided is the FINNA, a kind of compass that guides you towards a lost individual.

It’s Ava and Jules who end up lumbered with the mission. Which is kind of awkward when they only broke up three days previously.

Leaving the known store behind, with its Nihilist Bachelor, Coked-out Divorcee and Mid-life Crisis Mom room sets; they head out into the multiverse to face down infinite unknown possibilities.

Not the easiest of situations for anyone but extreme challenges can bring out the best as well as the worst in people.

It turns out that a backdrop of alternate universes is the ideal setting to explore the ramifications of changing relationships and the shattering nature of heartbreak. Building yourself back from a break-up is rarely fun, but in FINNA it’s a swashbuckling adventure.

FINNA takes the reader a long way in a short time. Reading it could change your experience of furniture shopping forever.