Free outdoor film screenings coming to Sheffield every day for two weeks are revealed

Festival On The Square, a new immersive festival in Tudor Square, has unveiled it’s exciting film screening schedule, curated by Showroom Cinema, ahead of the opening on August 16th.

Friday, 13th August 2021, 1:58 pm
The festival will run for two weeks in August.
The festival will run for two weeks in August.

Showcasing Sheffield' s creative arts scene, Festival On The Square will be screening films from Showroom’s long-term, local festival partners ShAFF and DocFest. Think, thrills and spills, with an intriguing range of work from local and international filmmakers.

Screenings will be free to attend but seats will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

The full programme features everything from Yorkshire classics like Kes, through to cinematic wonders including The Third Man, and family-favourites such as The Lion King, Hidden Figures, Back to the Future and Inside Out.

The film schedule, running from August 16-30, will include a morning, afternoon and evening showing along with either a 60 minute film feature from the ShAFF collection or Northern Shorts from DocFest.

The full schedule is as follows:

Monday 16th August

Morning (11am) - Moana (PG) - 113 mins

Afternoon (2pm) - Matilda (U) - 102 mins

Evening (7.30pm) - Young Frankenstein (PG) - 106 mins

Tuesday 17th August

Morning (11am)- Inside Out (U) - 102 mins

Afternoon (2pm) - Raya & the Last Dragon (U) - 117 mins

Evening (7.30pm) - Hidden Figures (PG) - 127 mins

Wednesday 18th August

Morning (11am) - The Cameraman (U) - 78 mins

Afternoon (2pm) - Mulan (U) - 120 minutes

Evening (7.30pm)- The Third Man (PG) - 108 mins (TBC)

Thursday 19th August

Morning (11am) - Song of the Sea (PG) - 94 mins (TBC)

Afternoon (2pm) - Paddington (U) - 95 mins (TBC)

Evening (7.30pm) - Groundhog Day - 101 minutes

Friday 20th August

Morning (11am) - Toy Story (PG) - 81 mins

Afternoon (2pm)- Labyrinth (PG) - 101 mins

Evening (7.30pm) - The Princess Bride (PG) - 98 mins

Saturday 21st August

Morning (10.30am) - The Lion King (PG) - 88 mins

Afternoon (3pm)- Spider-man into the spider-verse (PG) - 116 mins

Evening (7.30pm) - Jurassic Park (PG) - 128 mins

Sunday 22nd August

Morning (11am) - Coco (PG) - 105 mins

Afternoon (2pm) - Up (PG) - 96 mins

Evening (6.30pm) - Mamma Mia (PG) - 110 mins

Monday 23rd August

Morning (11am) - Missing Link (U) - 93 mins

Afternoon (2pm) - Fantastic Mr Fox (PG) - 87 mins

Evening (7.30pm) - Rear Window (PG) - 115 mins

Tuesday 24th August

Morning (11am) - The Lion King (PG) - 88 mins

Afternoon (2pm) - Singin' In the Rain (U) 103 mins

Evening (7.30pm) - Sister Act (PG) - 103 mins (TBC)

Wednesday 25th August

Morning (11am) - The Secret of Kells (U) - 78 mins (TBC)

Afternoon (2pm) - The Lego Batman Movie (PG) - 105 min

Evening (7.30pm) - Life of Pi (PG) - 127 mins

Thursday 26th August

Morning (11am) - Raya & the Last Dragon (U) - 117 mins

Afternoon (2pm) - Amazing Grace (U) - 87 mins (TBC)

Evening (7.30pm) - Kes (PG) - 113 mins

Friday 27th August

Morning (11am) - Paddington (U) - 95 mins (TBC)

Afternoon (3pm) - The Truman Show (PG) - 103 mins.

Monday 30th

Morning (10am)- Up (PG) - 96 mins

Afternoon (12.30pm) - Spiderman into the Spiderverse (PG) - 116 mins

Afternoon (3pm)- Back to the Future (PG)- 116 mins

Evening (5.30pm)- Labyrinth (PG) - 101 mins

Evening (8pm)- Jurassic Park (PG) - 128 minutes