Buxton International Festival operetta is a 'fast moving story'

Pauline Viardot was one of the outstanding musical artists of the nineteenth century.

Monday, 19th July 2021, 9:22 am

This salon operetta, with piano accompaniment, shows her remarkable skills as a composer. A retelling of the tale of Cinderella without the wicked stepmother, Cendrillon gives all the singers opportunity to display their voices using many nineteenth century styles of music. There are some fine duets and an impressive sextet when the guests at the ball wonder about the identity of the beautiful new arrival.

Pasquale Orchard’s soprano really does justice to the striking music for the Fairy Godmother/Narrator. Camille Seale’s mezzo-soprano is great for the role of the Prince, beautifully complementing Nikki Martin’s able soprano as Cendrillon.

There was plenty of humour: from the vain, if not ugly, sisters to the Baron seeking to conceal his past as a dodgy grocer. The fast moving story, the lively young cast and the excellent singing made this a really enjoyable performance. We left wanting to find more of the work of Pauline Viardot.

L to R Flora Macdonald as Armelinde, Camilla Seale as Le Prince. Taken by Genevieve Girling.

By Mavis Kirkham

Andrew Henley as Le Comte Barigoule in Cendrillon. Taken by Genevieve Girling.
Nikki Martin as Marie, called Cendrillon in Cendrillon. Taken by Genevieve Girling.