Play gives view from above of places people call home

A model village takes centre stage in a new show coming to Theatre Deli this weekend

Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 9:37 am
Updated Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, 1:50 pm
Matthew Bellwood, writer and performer of Terror from the Skies
Matthew Bellwood, writer and performer of Terror from the Skies

Terror from the Skies by Leeds-based writer and storyteller is about society, friendship and the things we hold dear about the places and is inspired by hundreds of conversations with people from across the North of England about how they feel about where they live.

Performed by Matthew the play combines storytelling with an inventive approach to stage design that seeks to help the audience feel what it is like to be looking down on a community from the skies.

He has worked with a set designer, Hannah Sibai, and professional miniature model maker, Sophie Hyman, to create a model village complete with trees, graveyard, local shops and rows of terrace houses that are moved about and manipulated to help tell the story.

This is contrasted with a series of large hand-drawn images that will be projected full size to further animate important moments.

The show itself is an exploration of all the things that we hold important about where we live and the people who make a place what it is, and what happens when big business capitalism starts to encroach on this..

It was selected for Bridging The Gap 2019, a competitive annual award led by ARC Stockton.

Terror from the Skies is at Theatre Deli Sheffield, Eyre Street, on Saturday, October 5, at 7.45pm.