The statue in Barkers Pool commemorating the citys wartime steelworks. Women of Steel ReSisters is a Sheffield radical feminist group.

Transgender discourse reinforces society’s strict gender stereotypes

In your edition on Thursday January 10, you ran a Telegraph Voices feature on the Gender Recognition Act. This is obviously a very current topic which has raised many related and complicated issues about access to women-only spaces, including prisons, girl guides, toilets and changing rooms, as well as related matters concerning trans identifying individuals’ participation in sport, access to health care and even the very definition of the word woman as adult human female.
Mary Queen of Scots -from  painting in Manor Lodge

Sheffield’s captive Queen Mary

“As Mary Queen of Scots is given the Hollywood treatment in a new film released this week, we need to look at her time in Sheffield as it forms a very important part of not just local history, but English and European as well.
Gareth Roberts of the Regather Trading Cooperative with his cargo e-bike taking catering equipment to an event in the Mayfield valley''Copyright David Bocking 2019, free use for stories relating to Love to Ride, The Outdoor City and cycling in South Yorkshire

“Tha’ll never get folk cycling here,” has always been a popular public rejoinder to the Outdoor City’s pedal promotion lobby.  “Not until the day tha gets rid of these hills.” 
Favourite Things with Ben Woollard at the Depot Bakery. Picture: Chris Etchells

Ben Woollard is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about overcoming division and working with others to see Steel City reach its greatest potential.
Clock corner in Doncaster town centre

What have you done to our once elegant Doncaster town?

Well we've just been into Doncaster, People walking about with a frown Where are all the smiling faces, What have you done to our town? The streets are dismal and dingy, many of the shops closing down I think it's the cost of the parking, What have you done to our town?  
Hedge planting near Hathersage: A new 5 year old hedge beginning to take shape being checked by volunteer Rob Nutt

Feature: Putting the Dr Who into hedgerow conservation

The beginning of winter in the Peak District, and ranger Chris Millner is lugging a bag of spindly twigs through the mist while considering how Jodie Whittaker is linked to the continuing history of one of the country’s most important wildlife habitats.
Clumber Park Heron

Wildlife Column: Celebrating Clumber Park herons

The National Trust’s Clumber Park remains one of the best and easiest walks in the region with plenty of wildlife to see and views to admire. A walk around the lake for example provides abundant opportunities to spot birdlife of both woodland and open water.
Lisa Leighton with her two dogs Coco and Mabel.

Favourite Things: “I’m so thankful I chose to lay my roots here”

Originally from Walsall in the West Midlands, Lisa Leighton moved to Sheffield to study Accounting and Financial Management at Sheffield University in 1991. Slightly apprehensive at first, it was during Lisa’s first bus journey through the city that it began to grow on her and she has been a firm advocate ever since. Now living in Lodge Moor with her husband and two children, aged 14 and nine, Lisa is due to be appointed joint managing partner in April 2019 at Yorkshire’s largest independent firm of Chartered Accountants, BHP.
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