Meadow Pipit

Wildlife Column: Autumn migration well  underway              

Whilst warmer weather may hold back a few species of birds from migrating, (I saw swallows quite recently for example), most of our summer visitors have now gone south.  They are quickly replaced by northern birds coming down to over-winter with us, and also huge numbers of birds simply ‘moving through’.
Slip of a Fish

Telegraph Book Club

In the summer I paid my first ever visit to one of the biggest crime fiction festivals in the world, taking place up the road in Harrogate. It is a fantastic celebration of all things bloody and murderous, and the festival has just announced a superstar name for its 2019 programme. This fortnight I also review the first winner of the Northern Book Prize, Slip Of A Fish by Amy Arnold. And I have a reader review of former read of the fortnight, the beautiful Petals and Stones by Joanne Burn.


One recurring argument for leaving the EU at any cost (Alan Machin, letters, 13 September) is to escape from a ‘European superstate’. This is a fantasy. None of the EU member state governments want a superstate, and most even reject ‘ever closer union’.
The planned Doncaster museum, library, and archives building built around the former Doncaster Girls Grammar School

Letter: Token gesture to rail heritage is not enough

As a boy train-spotter and member of the Doncaster Grammar School's Rail Society during the later 60s and early 70s I spent many a happy lunch hour in the school clock-tower, surrounded by all the fabulous and evocative memorabilia, that still form the priceless rail collection there.
Michelle Shires at Abbeydale Picture House, one of her favourite things

Favourite Things: Discovering a network of amazing city musicians

Michelle Shires enjoyed a prolific and varied medical career before setting up as a private hypnotherapist in more recent times.  Few practioners offer the skillset and experience she brings to the table. The former psychiatrist started her medical career in 1982 as a registered nurse and midwife before studying medicine at Sheffield University. She did general practice before specialising in psychiatry and also became an addiction specialist.
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