Letters: Ill conceived and badly implemented scheme

I just can’t let Simon Geller’s letter go without comment. His opinion that “it is hard to feel sympathy for those who complain the new traffic arrangements on Broomhall Road mean they have to walk a bit further to reach their destination” completely misses the point.


Letters: Issues you might take up as “trees person”

Only a week ago I sent you (Coun Lewis Dagnall) a lengthy open letter, signed by 33 Sheffield tree campaigners, that gave six suggestions of issues that you might take up in your new post as the “trees person” for the cabinet of Sheffield Council.

Electric Car

Electric power takes off for bikes and cars.

AFTER a very slow start several years ago the electric car market in the UK is growing rapidly and most major manufacturers have an electric model in their line-up including the impressive BMW i3 and now the wind of change even includes much improved electric cycles and electric motor cycles.

Resident Cherry Mawhood, pictured at the Laurels and Lime Care home, by the new raised Flowerbeds.  Picture: Marie Caley NSST Garden  MC 5

Gardening changes lives

Planting herbs has helped residents at a Sheffield care home spend time outside and also rekindle their passion for gardening.

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