Elise is a Parkour phenomenon

Her incredible agility is taking a 14-year old Sheffield schoolgirl to international level, and getting her noticed in a big way.

Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 4:14 pm
Elise Bickley in action in the USA
Elise Bickley in action in the USA

High Storrs secondary School pupil Elise Bickley is a known name in Parkour - the act of getting from one point to another in a complex area without any additional equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Her talent caught the eye of renowned extreme sports director and YouTube influencer, Devin Super Tramp, who tracked her down.

He partnered with Elise to showcase her skills in an airplane boneyard at Mojav Desert in America, in a bid to encourage and inspire other teenagers.

Currently, Elise is fitting her sport in to a busy schedule along with her school work.

Her next competition, Project Underground, is at her gym, Nova City in Rotherham.

She is also set to go to Canada in August for the qualifiers for the North American Parkour Championships.

Elise first started training in parkour and freerunning when she was just 11 years old and entered her very first competition, Project Underground, in the same year.

Elise at the airfield in the States

She went on to win first place in the under 16s category.

By the time she was 13 years old, she had become something of a phenomenon and competed on an international level at the 2017 Airwipp Challenge in Sweden.

Here, she again emerged the winner against strong competition in the women’s finals.

Elise said: “My mum wasn't keen to let me try it at first as she was worried that I would really hurt myself doing dangerous things.

Elise Bickley

“I think she's now fairly persuaded that I don't do random flips on to concrete and that I always prep each move and assess how safe it is.

“I would really love to do stunts when I'm older. Having been to LA twice now I have been able to train with lots of amazing parkour athletes. Maybe I'll have to move to America to do that but maybe I can do it here.

“I am always nervous when I do tricks, even if I know that I can do them really well. I've dislocated my knee and I worry that I could injure myself. I often get to the end of a long training session and still haven't nailed a trick I've worked on for hours. Usually this motivates me to go for it.

“Probably the most difficult thing I have had to do is to talk in front of a camera. I really don't like hearing or seeing myself speaking on a screen, even though I enjoy performing my tricks.

Parkour star Elise Bickley

She continued: “Parkour is hard work but great fun and there's always something new to learn and a new challenge to have a go at.

“It's exciting to see other athletes do amazing things and this inspires me to do more. I love training with other people in different places.

“I felt so lucky to be given the opportunity to do the Up For Anything series. I learned loads about filming and working with different professionals and now have some experience of what it's like to film for a bigger audience.

“I loved working with Calen and Devin. They were so encouraging and were able to get the best out of me even though I had to work hard. Calen's skills are amazing and I had seen lots of Devin's films so it was a massive honour to work with them both.”

This latest activity was part of a Wix.com’s ‘Up for Anything’ web series where certain Wix users, such as Elise, had the chance to celebrate their achievements with a bigger platform or influencer.

This in turn helps to raise the profile of users and showcase them around the globe.

The campaign was launched to connect with Generation Zs and millennials, as the majority of this demographic watch more than an hour of short-form mobile video weekly. Videos are posted on Youtube, as well as Wix.com, website building platform.