New sports drink earns Made in Sheffield mark

Nourish Me Now - Rachel Smith ( left) and Lynwen Harrison ( Right) above Sheffield skyline.
Nourish Me Now - Rachel Smith ( left) and Lynwen Harrison ( Right) above Sheffield skyline.

A new all-natural sports recovery drink developed by two Sheffield entrepreneurs has received the city’s official mark of approval.

NouriSH me now is believed to be the first product of its kind nationally, and is now accredited with the Made in Sheffield quality stamp of approval.

The ready-made sports recovery drink is made from natural ingredients such as cherry juice, green tea, lemon, and probiotic yoghurt and milk, rather than synthetic ones.

Now its inventors Lynwen Harrison, 42, and Rachel Smith, 40, want to make it the official sports drink of Sheffield during the Olympics year. And to mark their Made in Sheffield success, the duo are launching a new flavour of their drink.

“There’s been tremendous interest in the product and we are absolutely delighted to have received the city’s hallmark of approval confirming that nouriSH me now is a high quality sports recovery drink,” says Lynwen, an amateur athlete for the Great Britain triathlon team. “Our goal for 2012 is to become the official drink of Sheffield, the perfect birthplace of our product as the UK’s first city of sport.”

Since launching last July, their first cherry, green tea and lemon sports recovery drink has attracted the support of five high profile athletes, and three local retailers. Now they are unveiling a new flavour; blackcurrant, white tea and vanilla, and are making significant progress building a growing following of nouriSH me now enthusiasts.

Several high profile athletes have also agreed to be sponsored by nouriSH me now.

The product can be found in the Climbing Works in Sheffield, and will from Spring be in Coleman’s Deli in Hathersage, and the Spar in Hathersage. Their next steps include finding more quality retailers to stock the product.

Rachel, a mother-of-three, who previously worked as a product developer and buyer for Marks & Spencer, admits that working on the product has also inspired her own fitness. She is training to take part in her first triathlon, the Hathersage Hilly in July, where the pair launched their product last year. “It truly will be a massive challenge for me to complete a triathlon. I am slightly daunted by it, but totally inspired by all the people we’ve watched this year rising to the challenge of their first race.”

The idea for nouriSH me now came about after Lynwen began trying sports drinks to see if they would help her recover from her training faster, paying attention to the science around the 20-minute optimum window after exercise. Disliking their taste and the additional burden of having to measure and mix them, the mother-of-two began experimenting with making her own milk and yoghurt based formulation in the kitchen of her Nether Green terrace. “I wanted to look after myself by finding something to support my training.’’

The SH is a subtle nod to the city, and also relate to Lynwen and Rachel’s surname initials.