Sheffield’s two biggest taxi firms - City and Mercury - merging due to ‘increasing competition’

Dermott Griffiths of Mercury Taxis in Sheffield which is merging with City Taxis
Dermott Griffiths of Mercury Taxis in Sheffield which is merging with City Taxis

Sheffield’s two biggest taxi firms are to become one company with more than 1,400 drivers.

City Taxis will acquire Mercury Taxis on June 1.

The combined business – to be known as City Taxis – will have a fleet of more than 1,400 drivers.

City employs 85 people at its new headquarters and offices at Waterside Court, Attercliffe, Sheffield, and averages 75,000 jobs per week. It has 1,000 public and private sector accounts. It will absorb 39 staff from Mercury in the merger. Existing fares will remain unchanged, bosses say.

Under the new organisation, all vehicles will be branded City Taxis and the total combined job count will hit 110,000 per week.

Arnie Singh, City Taxis managing director, said: “At a time when competition for business within the taxi industry is increasing, this merger and consolidation is a significant and important move for both companies. It also provided a suitable exit route for the shareholders of Mercury Taxis in light of their desire to retire from playing an active role in the business.

“Our drivers will be able to access fares across the entire city and well into the surrounding areas such as Rotherham, North Derbyshire and Barnsley. City Taxis will strengthen its position as everyone’s ‘local’ taxi company and provide a very strong service in every Sheffield postcode and beyond.

“We are all looking forward to this exciting chapter in our company’s development. City Taxis believe that by facilitating this merger and by all working together it can provide the public in the Sheffield City Region with an enhanced standard of service.”

Mercury Taxis general manager Dermot Griffiths said: “We sought a merger with another company because we believe that being part of a larger organisation such as City Taxis will allow us to provide a wider array of coverage for our drivers and customers alike. A larger organisation will also mean our staff and drivers will benefit from even more chances to develop.

“City Taxis shares the same values we do. Before agreeing to a merger we held extensive talks which exceeded our expectations. We are looking forward to all our staff having a new and exciting working environment and our combined customer base receiving even better levels of service.”

City, which was based at Manor Top for many years, recently introduced one of the world’s most advanced booking and dispatch systems.

Both firms say their phone numbers will continue to work.