Sheffield steelmaker funds 58 local charities

Fifty eight charities supporting some of society’s most vulnerable young people have received a funding lifeline from Sheffield steel firm William Cook.

Thursday, 18th July 2019, 19:58 pm
Ben's Centre staff with a service user.

The engineering group started paying money into the South Yorkshire Community Foundation in 2015, with the aim of tackling homelessness and child deprivation in South Yorkshire.

The fund’s annual report for the year ending March 2019 shows a string of recent donations, taking the total number of projects to 58.

Sir Andrew Cook, chairman of William Cook, said: “Whenever I see a beggar, a drug addict, an unhappy child, a down-and-out, I think to myself, 'there but for the grace of God go I’.

“The world is a cruel place. Charity begins at home. It is to the great credit of the SYCF that it provides a mechanism for the fortunate to fulfil their moral duty help the unfortunate in the local community.

“I am pleased, and humbled, that the SYCF has enabled my company to play its part in doing this.”

A recepient is Ben’s Centre for Vulnerable People, named after a police constable, which runs a drop-in facility behind Sheffield Cathedral that specialises in substance misuse and homelessness.

The charity is having to cope with a huge rise in the number of people using the synthetic ‘zombie’ drug spice.

It is using William Cook’s donation to employ a member of staff to set up a holding area for the safe management of spice users until they stabilise, reducing risk inside the centre.

Sheffield Street Pastors, another beneficiary, provides care and protection for people who are vulnerable, usually as a result of alcohol.

Shiloh Rotherham used William Cook’s donation to fund the salary of a caretaker at its non-residential service for adults who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Doncaster Housing for Young People helps those aged 16-25 who are at risk of becoming destitute to find a home and rebuild their lives.

With William Cook’s support, the charity is providing counselling, physical and mental health activities and volunteering.

James Newman, chairman of South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation, said: “William Cook’s generosity is a powerful example of the difference businesses giving locally can make and is a testament to William Cook’s passion for providing opportunity to young people in South Yorkshire.

“We have been working with philanthropists who have been giving back to their communities for over 30 years and we pride ourselves on giving them the best and most efficient service and advice, which allows them to make a real impact on local communities.”

South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation provides a personal philanthropy service to individuals, families, businesses, charitable trusts and the public sector who wish to invest in and support local communities in South Yorkshire.

The charity works with donors to match their passions and values with projects and initiatives that meet local needs.