"Healthcare is a two way process- your chance to ask Sheffield doctor anything"

Readers of this column will know, I make no secret of the value I place in healthcare being a two-way process.

Monday, 26th April 2021, 1:09 pm
Health care is a two way process

It is about an equal dynamic, where the professional finds out what the person knows, and the person benefits from the professionals knowledge. In fact I’d go further than that and say really good health care is about the meeting of two experts, both professionals in their own right, both people. People like me might be experts in the health knowledge, where to find it and the support on offer. We know the medicines and operations and therapies available and what they are typically useful for. But we need to match that up with what you are expert in. You know what experiences you’ve had, what you love and hate, what matters most to you. Things people like me have no idea about that, if we try and guess or assume it rarely works out best.

So with that in mind I wanted to make this column a little more ‘two-way’. I’m interested in the things you want to know about and why? What bothers you most at the moment? What could I turn the words of this column towards that would interest you the most. I’d love to hear your comments on the things I write. What resonates with you, what gets your back up?

What I really like is when things I say or write lead you to think a little differently, or even do things a little differently. I’d love to hear about that. People’s stories are great.

So once a month I am going to base the column on the questions you ask or comments you make. It might be more often if there are lots. You can share your reflections, queries or questions via #ShareWithDrOllie on social media, or by emailing [email protected], or calling 01142 767676 x 3459.

I can’t promise to answer or comment on everything, but I’ll do my best. It probably helps if it is health focused, but I have a pretty broad definition of what contributes to health and wellbeing!

I believe generating good health in our city is a team effort. We are in it together. Collectively we have so many skills and assets. I’d love to think that if we pool our expertise we can continue to invigorate and develop the city we all love.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​