An innovative approach to supporting people with diabetes to be active in Sheffield

An innovative approach to supporting Sheffield people with diabetes to be active is being co-ordinated this week.

Thursday, 9th January 2020, 1:48 pm
Updated Thursday, 9th January 2020, 4:22 pm
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Sheffield's Diabetes UK along with Sheffield's Move More partners are hosting an innovative approach to supporting people with diabetes to be active.

A conference will be held, led by the charity, specialists and sports experts who live with diabetes as well as exercise and rehab experts, psychologists and paediatric diabetes specialists, on Saturday January 18.

As with the charity Diabetes UK, it is open to anyone who lives with impaired pancreatic or insulin function, and to anyone aged between 4 and 104.

There will be presentations by people who live with diabetes (including Muhammad Ali the professional boxer) and by diabetes specialists, and workshops which will focus in on particular needs and practises, ranging from motivation and confidence to training for events, by way of getting back into being active.

There will be separate sessions for school age attendees; one discussion based and one activity based, both of which will look at increasing confidence and knowledge.

A spokesman for Sheffield Diabetes UK said: “We’re hosting this event because being active has a wealth of benefits, even helping some people’s diabetes go into remission.

“However, it can have risks for us, and we’ll look at getting the most from exercise while keeping ourselves safe to enjoy it.

“We want to help people to have the confidence and skills to reach their goals. We know for some that could just be leaving their home and walking to the local shop, whereas for others it could be building their running from half a kilometre to 5k, and so on.

“The event is for people aged from 4 to 104, including children and teens who’ve got diabetes, and like the Diabetes UK charity, this event is for people with different types.”

The day will have a no shame and no blame, friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

Booking details are available by visiting the website