‘Nursing isn't just a job, it's my identity': Sheffield nurse retires after 50 years of caring for people

A Sheffield community nurse is retiring this week after dedicating more than half a century of her life to caring for people in the city.

Monday, 14th June 2021, 10:42 am

Chris Jarman, a community staff nurse who has dedicated a remarkable 50 years to nursing, will be retiring from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust this week.

Starting her career in 1971 as a pre-nursing student, Chris has worked at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals for half a century, with 45 of those years spent delivering nursing care within the community in the South and East of Sheffield.

Over the last 50 years Chris has seen and embraced several changes to the way nursing care is co-ordinated and delivered at home.

Chris when she first started nursing in 1971.
Chris when she first started nursing in 1971.

From wearing a pillbox hat and a gabardine mac and receiving calls via a walkie talkie, it has certainly been a 50-year nursing career to be proud of.

She has worked in small Community Nursing teams based in GP practices, to large integrated care teams and has always remained motivated and positive throughout.

As well as working split shifts to cover evenings and visiting patient's between 8am and 6pm, Chris has worked through some of the most adverse and extreme weather to hit Sheffield, from flooding to treacherous snow, walking miles on foot at times to ensure that the most vulnerable and isolated are seen.

Chris when she first started nursing in 1971.

Most notably, Chris has remained at the front-line during the COVID-19 pandemic as part of the incredible response by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals staff.

Her daughter Sheridan recalled how her Mum would say: “Nursing isn't just a job, it's my identity and putting my uniform on is part of me.” So, the decision to retire has not been an easy one for her.]

Chris's colleagues, the Lightwood East Community Nursing Team, said: “Chris has the ability to light up a room with her smile and sense of humour, but at times of increased pressure she is a calming, reassuring and supportive presence.

Chris Jarman, who is known to her colleagues as 'Mrs Gary Barlow'.

"She is known to the team as ' Mrs Gary Barlow' due to a love of the one and only Gary Barlow and her retirement will leave a void, not only in the Lightwood East Team, but the wider service.

"Chris has touched the lives of many within Sheffield communities and many have undoubtedly left a mark on her too.

"So, we thank you Chris for years of dedication and commitment and wish you a healthy and happy retirement.”

Chris is retiring this week.