A great wine for that royal toast

Malena Sauvignon Blanc
Malena Sauvignon Blanc

Malena Sauvignon Blanc, Sicily, Italy, 2009

I know that some of you will be enjoying the celebration of the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton as you read this column and maybe enjoying a glass of chilled wine whilst you toast the happy couple.

Although the guests may well be toasting the bride and groom with a fine Champagne, I am also sure many of us will be joining neighbours and family, a street party, a barbecue or just a family get-together and sipping more than the odd glass over the holiday weekend.

I myself will be working on the finishing touches of our new cookery school as Miele appliances come into Coghlans as our main cooker sponsor this week, but when all the work is over a glass of Malena Sauvignon Blanc from the southern tip of Italy will be very welcome and surprisingly inexpensive.

Well chilled but not overly so, the wine will give you a crisp acidity on the nose with a slight prickle or buzz, floral tones coming through with a zippy hint of lime and on the palate it is crisp but balanced, long in the fruit with a clean edge and a good long aftertaste.

Wines from this region benefit from great heat to get intense potential for alcohol and the grapes are grown high on the hillsides to enable the growing season to be extended. The well-ripened grapes are picked at the optimum time to balance acidity and freshness with weight and alcohol, leaving sufficient fruit on the palate to leave the senses well pleased.

Such a carefully made wine would sell normally in the £8 bracket but Sheffield Telegraph readers are being offered the wine at £4.99 per bottle or £55 for 12 including vat and local delivery.

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