A lick of paint and a tidy up to help to sell your home

With summer most popular time to sell a house, many of us are turning our thoughts to cleaning thecobwebs away, touching up that paintwork and getting our property in tip top shape before putting it on the market.

The team at Hathersage estate agency Eadon Lockwood and Riddle share their expertise on how to make your house someone else’s dream home.

As much as everyone loves having their sentimental trinkets out, it makes it difficult for buyers to see beyond your personal details. Someone looking to buy your home wants to imagine it with their own personal ornaments adorning the fireplace.

ELR’s resident expert Tim Venn said: “Don’t completely rid your home of its personality, but stash away anything that is starting to take up too much space. You can always fetch everything back out again when you’re settled in your new home!”

We’ve all had a leaky tap that could have been tightened sooner, or a bit of grouting to touch up. However, when you want to get your house sold as quickly as possible it’s best to get these little jobs done before you start showing people round. Buyers take comfort in seeing a home that is all ready to go.

The front door is the first thing a potential home owner sees of a property and therefore always make sure it’s well presented and giving off the right vibe.

Tim said: “People looking to buy a new house will often take a drive around the local area they are interested in and search for sale signs.

“The front door is really the first insight they have into a property, so something as simple as giving it a lick of paint, or upgrading your door knocker, can often dictate whether they will book in for a viewing.”

Many people house hunting at this time of year they have dreams of enjoying BBQs in their own outdoor haven.

A little weeding, planting a few colourful flowers, and staying on top of the mowing, can help potential buyers visualise how they will use the space in nice weather.