Artisans spreading the word

Libbi Carl and Matt Hulley with their chocolate jam
Libbi Carl and Matt Hulley with their chocolate jam

Some of Sheffield’s most successful artisan producers are joining forces to create a unique range of imaginative culinary treats...

Two of the key players are Matt Hulley of Just Preserves and Libby Carl who runs Cocoa Chic.

They got together a few weeks ago after Libby approached Matt with an idea.

“I wanted to add something different to my existing handmade chocolate range and having researched the new venture I thought it would be fun to produce a line of chocolate-infused jam,” she says.

“These products aren’t being manufactured anywhere else in South Yorkshire and I wanted to show people other ways of enjoying the taste of chocolate.”

The two experimented with a range of flavours and came up with a number of new lines including Chocolate Orange Marmalade, Raspberry Jam with Essence of Chocolate, and Hazelnut Praline Spread.

Then they took them along to Beeches of Walkley for a Saturday morning tasting session with members of the public.

“It was a perfect chance for us to test the new lines and ask for some feedback regarding flavour and texture,” says Libby.

And after getting the thumbs-up from customers, the chocolate jams are now in production.

That’s not the end of the story, because Libby and Matt are continuing to work together – a savoury range of chocolate-infused chutneys and relishes is next on their list.

They are also collaborating with other local producers...

Libby is developing a new chocolate line using Sheffield Honey and Cafeology coffee.

And Matt has just unveiled a new Tomato Chilli Pickle with Henderson’s Relish.

“It’s great with burgers, sausages and bacon butties, or with strong cheddars,” he says.