Bacon burger pigout

The Harley Staff with the Burgers
The Harley Staff with the Burgers

The Harley pub in Sheffield recently ran a Man v Burger challenge, based on the famed Man v Food TV show where a crazy bloke tackles some of the biggest dishes served up in the US.

They had a media challenge but if our visit to try out the burgers is anything to go by, I would have been in last place.

I’m hardly a dainty eater but, such is the generous nature of the food on offer, my friend Bridget and I were utterly defeated by two burgers, one portion of fries and some coleslaw.

The Harley, well known to music lovers, is a convivial pub on Glossop Road near the university tram stop that attracts a fairly young and laid-back studenty crowd.

Part of the same group that has the slightly quirkier Wick at Both Ends on West Street, it’s comfortable and airy with lots of light wood and leather sofas.

As we came in, one of the friendly bar staff said that they do table service for food.

Beers feature several American varieties including offerings from Goose Island in Chicago and the excellent Anchor steam beer.

They also support Abbeydale and Bradfield breweries locally and when we visited were doing a taste test for the Tramlines Festival beer.

The Harley’s food is by the Twisted Burger Company and we wanted to try out their new bacon burger.

Twisted Burger Co have also launched limited serve specials. Each will run for a fortnight and be restricted to 15 serves per day. They are revealed by Twisted on Facebook and Twitter.

Brand manager Charlotte Leaver said: “Our menu already features some fairly outrageous burgers, but our chefs are super creative and have had fun putting together some really great combinations for future specials.”

When we visited, the burger was based on a fry-up. However, we stuck to the main menu and I ordered the Pigger than Hip Hop (£6.95).

This comes in a plastic basket and the brioche bun is filled with two bacon patties, Monterey Jack cheese, fireball barbecue sauce and a large onion ring.

Bridget ordered the Cabrona (£7.95) a triple beef patty topped with beef chilli, guacamole and Monterey Jack.

Other choices include chicken and veggie options.

We also shared some hellfire fries (£2.50) and house slaw (£2).

The burgers are the best I’ve had in Sheffield.

In mine, the bacon was merely very tasty meat and the barbecue sauce provided just the right mixture of chilli heat, smokiness and sticky sweetness.

Owing to a misunderstanding in ordering, the 75p hash brown Bridget wanted on the side was included in the burger.

I had a taste of hers and it was very good too, although it was a teetering tower with the addition of the hash brown.

Everything worked well together and the chilli was excellent and would be equally good on its own.

The huge pile of fries lived up to their name and my mouth went numb at one point.

The slaw was okay.

Salad is referred to as rabbit food on the menu, so be warned, this is not health food but definitely a belt-bustingtreat.

l The Harley, 334 Glossop Rd, Sheffield (0114) 275 2288