This is why it can be so hard to find a parking space in Sheffield

If you've ever struggled to find a parking spot in Sheffield, new statistics show why spaces are at such a premium in the city.

Sunday, 9th December 2018, 15:32 pm
Updated Sunday, 9th December 2018, 15:50 pm

There are 58 vehicles to every parking space in Sheffield on a typical day, according to analysis by GoCompare.

That's the second highest number in South Yorkshire, behind Doncaster, where there are 75 vehicles per space, but above Barnsley (36) and Rotherham (33)

There are more than 50 cars per parking space in Sheffield, new research suggests

Sheffield ranks as the fifth hardest place to park in Yorkshire and the Humber but trails some way behind Wakefield, which tops the table with 156 vehicles per parking space.

GoCompare used data from the British Parking Association's Park Mark Award database and the Department for Transport's Average Annual Daily Traffic Flow (AADF) to calculate the number of vehicles per space in local authorities across the country,

It also calculated the percentage of parking spaces reserved for disability badge holders in different towns and city.

Sheffield had the lowest proportion in South Yorkshire, with 4.5 per cent, while Wakefield topped the Yorkshire-wide table, with 20.2 per cent.