Crumbs! Culture on the bread line

Kim Swan - Sheffield Born & Bread
Kim Swan - Sheffield Born & Bread
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There are 126 languages spoken in Sheffield – and each has its own style of bread. So says city foodie Kim Swan, who is aiming to bring them all together for the first time.

Sheffield – Born and Bread is a feature at this year’s Sheaf Valley Festival, which takes place at South Street Park on Saturday, September 7.

Kim plans to set out a table, covered with a map of the countries represented, and invite people to taste the different breads and hear the bakers’ stories.

“The word ‘companion’ comes from the Latin ‘com panis’ – to share bread,” she says. “This table will offer the bread of Sheffield’s diverse communities.”

Kim has already signed up volunteers to make chapatis, pittas, parathas, naans, focaccia, baguettes, sourdough and batches.

Now she is looking for other keen bakers to contribute: “I’m on the hunt for anyone who can make a ‘bread’ which is specific to a culture, or typical of a country, and would like to be involved in some way in this exciting project,” she says.

From a small scale start, Kim hopes to build up each year, involving schools and community groups too.

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