Don’t leave your pet in the cold

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As a nation of animal lovers, pet owners still face challenges when seeking rental properties.

Today, the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) has teamed up with Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, to release advice to tenants on how to secure their dream rental property for them and their pets.

The lack of rental accommodation in the private sector means that competition for accommodation is growing. The following tips will help prospective tenants looking to move into a rented property:

1. Consider a higher deposit: one of the main reasons landlords do not rent to pet-owning tenants is because they are concerned about damage to their property. By offering to pay a higher deposit, it can offer the landlord peace of mind that any damage will be covered. It may also be worth offering to pay for professional cleaning on leaving the property. This also illustrates your commitment to maintaining the property – who wants to lose their deposit?

2. Pet information: When trying to secure a tenancy it’s important to provide as much information about your pet as possible. It’s worth including references from previous landlords and even vets to show that your pet is well behaved.

3. Meet and greet: what better way to show that your pet is friendly, and to alleviate any concerns the landlord might have about their behaviour, than to arrange a meeting with your pet. Even a brief meeting could be enough to change a landlord’s mind.

4. Written permission: You should always get any agreement with your landlord to allow your pet in their property in writing. This will provide proof if there are any disputes in the future.

5. Be flexible: not all landlords will be open to renting their property to someone that has a pet, so it’s important to remain flexible in both location and type of property.

6. Speak to ARLA agent: if you are still struggling to secure a tenancy because you own a pet, speak to an ARLA agent who will be able to offer the best possible professional advice.

7. Visit the Dogs Trust Lets with Pets website to search for a pet-friendly letting agency in your area –