Coffika turns breakfast into an occasion

Over time I’ve found that Sheffield seems to lack in great places to go for breakfast. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good greasy spoon, but every now and then it’s fun to make breakfast into an occasion.

Wednesday, 5th June 2019, 4:34 pm
Coffika Coffee Shop on Ecclesall Road
Coffika Coffee Shop on Ecclesall Road

Coffika on Ecclesall Road brings the occasion.

This spacious and modern breakfast, brunch and coffee shop just down from the Botanical Gardens fills with sunshine on a good day and was bustling with people dining with partners, fami ly, friends, or even pouring over their laptops with a coffee.

There’s the chance to sit outside on the terrace-style platform, meaning you can people (or car) watch while enjoying your food away from the immediate road.

Coffika Coffee Shop on Ecclesall Road

All staff were extremely friendly. Food is served until 4pm each Sunday, meaning even those who had a particularly heavy night on the Saturday can make it to enjoy a great morning-after brunch.

My partner and I ordered at the counter then took a seat outside.

Food arrived nice and warm around fifteen minutes after ordering.

Each meal we ordered was beautifully presented and garnished with edible flowers and seeds.

Coffika on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield

I went for eggs florentine, which arrived on chunky bread with two perfectly cooked poached eggs. Everything down to the spinach was well flavoured, and the side of smoked salmon I ordered was fresh and generously cut.

My boyfriend went for eggs benedict.

He particularly liked the ham, which was much tastier than what is usually served with such a dish.

The hollandaise sauce was creamy and flavourful without being too strong or overpowering.

We were both quite hungry so chose to order pancakes with a blueberry compote to enjoy after our savoury choices.

I personally found them to be a little dry, however my pancake-picky boyfriend thought they were great and took over the job of eating them.

I continued to pinch the blueberries off the top, which brought a lovely sweet finish to a delicious meal.

A wide variety of drinks were on the menu, including multiple iced coffees which were perfect for the weather when we dined.

The milk used in all beverages is from Sheffield’s favourite, Our Cow Molly in Dungworth, paired with Coffika’s in-house blend.

Spending money on cups of coffee always feels that little bit better when you know you’re supporting local companies.

For those who aren’t so big on coffee, a range of fresh, made-to-order smoothies are available.

We were nearly tempted by the fantastic selection of sandwiches on thick, fresh bread and the lovely looking cakes all laid out, but decided we were way too full after three meals between us!

I later found out that the brownies served are award- winning and homemade by a fantastic husband and wife duo, so I do feel that we missed out a little.

The meal came to £31.85, which I didn’t think was bad at all for the quality of the food.

However, I’d definitely class it as somewhere to go as a treat every now and then.

Our usual go-to cafe can serve us three breakfasts for around £15, but I do have to admit you don’t quite get the elegance and the feeling of a morning out like you do with Coffika.

Everything from the food to the ambience at ths lovely spot is fantastic and it is definitely one to try.