Favourite things: Drawn to the dance

Jenny Mulwha, artistic director of Belrobics, is pictured in one of her favourite places, the Peace Gardens.
Jenny Mulwha, artistic director of Belrobics, is pictured in one of her favourite places, the Peace Gardens.
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Jenny Muhlwa, founder of Belrobics, a belly dance inspired fitness programme has always loved fitness and dance. She started her business in 2008 , having studied Moroccan belly dance in the South of France and going on to deepen her studies and teach in Turkey.

“I came Sheffield University and after I graduated I knew it would be a place I wanted to return to and a great place to launch Belrobics. To begin with I had one class whilst still working full time. It was hard work, but last year I was able to take the leap and leave my ‘proper job’!

“I haven’t looked back since. I now have a business partner and have started to franchise the business with instructors running their own classes.

“I remember watching ‘Chance to Dance’ as a student and I was delighted to be asked to be on the Chance to Dance management committee when it became a voluntary organisation.”

‘Chance to Dance’ is being held at locations across Sheffield City Centre on Saturday from 11am to 5pm. Visit Chance to Dance

Peace Gardens

I love that Sheffield has so many green spaces, and the Peace Gardens is one of these. It’s great to sit and have a picnic in the sunshine in the summer or a hot chocolate in a cafe in the Winter Garden.

There is also fantastic animation in this area. It was where I first saw ‘Chance to Dance’ and I am really looking forward to bringing 40 Belrobics ladies to perform here on Saturday. Some have been dancing for a long time and for others it will be their first performance.

They will be performing a piece called Living the Dream, which seems quite fitting!

Tudor Square

In 2012 Belrobics got the opportunity to perform as part of the Olympic Celebrations. Fifty women came together in Tudor Square to perform a flame inspired dance which I called Fire in the Belly.

It was the first time I bought together so many women and it was a truly magical experience.

The sun was shining all day and the women gave so much support to one another, danced beautifully and looked fantastic.

Forge Dam

I live near Forge Dam in the Porter Valley and it’s a great place to go with my music and choreograph new Belrobics routines.

I find walking and listening to the music in nature really inspires uplifting dances. As Belrobics routines focus on fitness, building self confidence and laughter I find it fun to do a little shimmy as I walk around the dam. I think the dog walkers are used to seeing me now!

Holiday Inn, Royal Victoria

There are so many happy memories at this hotel. The decor of the hotel is amazing and the ballroom still takes my breath away. It was where my husband and I had our wedding reception and we had all our guests dance to a routine we’d created on the dance floor which was so much fun.

I loved it so much I had rehearsals there for the Belrobics show, Sleeping Beauty, the Belly Dance, and it’s where we will be running our first endorsed instructor programme in August.

I’ll keep going back to the Royal Victoria, I just love it there.

My Garden

On my days not dancing I enjoy nothing more than having a cool drink in my back garden on a sunny day. It feels like a secret garden with little hidden areas and new flowers that appear each year.

It’s the perfect place to unwind, listen to the birds and chill out.