Favourite Things: In praise of pubs, laughs and my local Tesco...nursing home worker Liz Harrison lists the places – and people – that she cares about in Sheffield...

Liz Harrison outside the Washington pub
Liz Harrison outside the Washington pub

Liz Harrison arrived in Sheffield from Bradford in 1981 to work at Lodge Moor Hospital.

She is now in charge of the new daycare facilities at Broomgrove Nursing Home, which offers the services of a physiotherapist, complementary therapist and a beauty therapist. The home, between Ecclesall Road and Clarkehouse Road, employs more than 50 sisters, staff nurses and healthcare assistants and is the city’s only care home with charitable status. Liz is married with three children and has lived in the Sharrow area for 26 years.

The Washington pub

I love this pub! There’s nowhere quite like it in Sheffield. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are and what you’re dressed in, you’re always accepted by everyone. It can always be relied upon for great atmosphere and great music. There always seems to be something going off in there of interest.

Quirky decor with lots of local music and art heritage-related memorabilia adorning the walls (though I did like the teapot collection that doesn’t seem to be there any more). There’s lovely people, great beer and it opens late. Marvellous!

Fascinating history as well. I understand it’s haunted (though I’ve never experienced it first hand) and survived the Sheffield Blitz while much of the surrounding area was flattened.

Fulwood Inn, fulwood road

This is a real favourite of mine and the family for more culinary reasons. It has got such a vast menu with lots of good vegetarian dishes. I have always had good service and it’s great any time – day or night. It has great views on to the grounds – a very relaxing experience and it’s a big hit with all our family.

Sharrowvale Road:

I’m not a big fan of shopping but I like the quirkiness of Sharrowvale Road and the immediate area. Lovely coffee shops, Two Steps chippy, Pete McKee’s gallery and more. It’s just nice to wander, to people-watch and to take in the atmosphere. There’s such an eclectic mix of places and characters and there’s nowhere else quite like it in Sheffield. If you could bottle its charm and charisma you could make a fortune, I’m sure.

Last Laugh Comedy Club

I’ve been a regular here since it took up residence in the refurbished Memorial Hall a few years ago. Fantastic comedians and too many favourites to mention. It’s hard to imagine the plush, cabaret-style auditorium we frequent is the same cold space that existed prior to the City Hall overhaul. It has its own bar, food and then there’s the chance to boogie to the wee hours at the disco after. Excellent!

Sheffield’s older generation

I think it’s a crime that the older generation aren’t valued more. I’m lucky enough to spend my working life working among them at Broomgrove Nursing Home and I find it a real privilege. Their knowledge and views on life are inspirational and I’ve learnt more about Sheffield and its history from them than I ever could from any book.

Botanical Gardens

We’re lucky to live so near to this breathtaking, inner-city space that has provided enjoyment for generations. I was caring for my mother-in-law until recently and, although she was in a wheelchair and suffering with dementia, it was visits to the Botanical Gardens that were one of the few things in her life to still bring her pleasure. The restored glasshouses are breathtaking and I’m really determined to start going to more of the events held there like Art In The Gardens and the music concerts.

Tesco, Berkeley Precinct

Whilst many view Tesco as the epitome of everything that is wrong with the world, I love it, especially my local. It’s cheap, well stocked, the opening hours seem to go on forever and the staff are always courteous.

Whether I’ll be saying the same thing in a few weeks’ time after the opening of the sprawling Tesco Extra near the Wicker is another thing!

Sheaf Island, Ecclesall Road

And while I’m on the subject of bargains, I can’t forget one of the most recent additions to our area – our very own JD Wetherspoon pub in the shape of the Sheaf Island at the bottom of Ecclesall Road, in part of the old Wards Brewery building.

Although the chain seems to be on a mission to take over the country, Sheaf Island does it with style and attention to detail.

This is one of the best I’ve visited.