First prosecco bar opens in Sheffield

Tracy Henstock has opened Sheffield's first prosecco bar
Tracy Henstock has opened Sheffield's first prosecco bar

Bubbly Tracy Henstock has brought a new concept to Sheffield - the city’s first dedicated prosecco bar.

The former civil servant took the plunge and bought Caffe Leopold - formerly the Leopold Kitchen - in March.
It opened at 1 Leopold Street three weeks ago, with a new look and, a new philosophy.
“I was a civil servant for 23 years”, said owner Tracy, of Ecclesfield.
“Last year my best friend died and I just thought I need to do something different.
“I like gourmet coffee, so that was the first idea and then I started looking at other specialities - it was really about helping people come together.
“I don’t want it to be a bar, and I don’t want it to be a restaurant, just somewhere comfortable where people can come down and have a drink and wind down.
“My husband loves prosecco, it seems to be a really popular drink and whenever I mentioned it to people they said they would love it.”

There are currently eight varieties of prosecco on the menu, starting in price at £4.50, but there are plans for more.
Planning permission is being sought so tables and chairs can be put outside, although there’s already a much better view of the world since posters have been taken off the windows.

Our glasses also came with a minimalist tray of posh olives and bread crisps to nibble on.
But there are far grander plans afoot for gourmet burgers and ice cream - including a spinach flavour which is apparently ‘lovely’.

Prosecco tasting and other events are also in the pipeline for the future. 
But is Sheffield ready for a prosecco bar?

“I hope so”, said Tracy.
“In places like Leeds and Manchester there are quite a few which are popular, its just something different for the city.
“The people who have been in so far seem to love it.”