New restaurant at Dyson Place in Sheffield offers relaxed holiday style dining just down the road

Didn’t make it abroad this year? Or have you been pining over friends’ holiday photographs of Mediterranean meals in sun-dappled courtyards on social media?

Monday, 27th September 2021, 4:27 pm
Dyson Place at night feels like a holiday destination.

Me too. There’s something about the sheer relaxation and shoulders down joy of eating out on holiday that is almost impossible to recreate at home.

Cornerstone, one of the newest openings at popular Dyson Place off Sharrowvale Road, is the closest we’ve been able to get this summer.

It’s a stunning and modern restaurant inside, but outside is just as appealing.

Food review of Cornerstone at Dyson Place. Picture Scott Merrylees

The seating lies in a massive courtyard, with flames from the vertical heaters flickering as the sun sets, and fairy lights twinkling above. The smell of cooking garlic from inside mingles with chorizo sizzling at the nearby new tapas restaurant Iberica. You can people watch (or if you have a toddler, take them for a walk to investigate the other units and small grassed area complete with ornamental lions.)

And if you drink enough prosecco, while squinting, I swear you could be somewhere else entirely.

There were three of us dining on the last occasion we visited, including our aforementioned toddler, which meant eating on the earlier side around 5pm, and slightly faster than if we had been alone.

Service was rapid and before we could unpack the little one’s activity backpack a pint of Moretti and a glass of rose – when in Rome! – had arrived.

Feature on Dyson Place in Sharrowvale. Tapas at IberiCo. Picture Scott Merrylees

There’s a good range of cocktails available too, for a more leisurely evening.

Its always a good sign when the menu is so good you could stick a pin in there and be happy with what came up.

After some tussling over the small plates section, I opted for the pan fried bream.

It was cooked beautifully, a crispy skin, soft, white flaky fish underneath, on crushed potatoes with just the right amount of seasoning to bring the simple flavours alive. It came with a creamy, chive oil infused sauce and plenty of it.

Cornerstone at Dyson Place. Picture Scott Merrylees

I’d have liked some greens, perhaps asparagus, on the side, but apart from that it was a perfect dish. Our neighbouring diner was equally enthusiastic about his monkfish – so much so that he brought over a small taste of it for us.

My husband’s Korean chicken burger was ‘epic’, he said between mouthfuls. And it looked it. There’s a small plate version of the tangy, sticky chicken available too.

The little lady gobbled up her pesto pasta, made with fresh home-made pesto, and a far superior kids’ dish to those available on many a restaurant menu.

She was happiness personified when a scoop of ice cream arrived, and Liam’s brownie was a sublime, rich and decadent example of the cake, with just the right texture, and no unnecessary added extra fruit. His words, not mine.

Feature on Dyson Place in Sharrowvale. Picture Scott Merrylees

The manager Steve Webb spoke to us after our meal and said the aim of the menu is to allow people to design their own kind of evening, whether they want to share nibbles with pals, eat breakfast while co-working or have a more formal meal out.

Inside Cornerstone looks like a lovely date night destination, but until the weather turns to winter, I’ll be channelling the spirit of Spain and dining al fresco outside for as long as possible.

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