Sheffield vegan group campaign says 'don't buy the lie' on free-range chickens

A vegan pressure group have advertised their anti-chicken farming campaign with a big billboard in Sheffield and a visit by their mascot Lucy, a six-foot chicken.

Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 3:14 pm
Updated Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 3:15 pm

The Animal Justice Project have been publicising their campaign, The Foul Truth, with a big digital billboard at Park Square roundabout, asking the public not to ‘buy the lie’ when it comes to free-range chicken farming.

The group also handed out mini vegan ‘chicken’ burgers to shoppers in the town centre, as well as materials on how to switch to a vegan diet, joined by mascot Lucy.The Animal Justice Project have looked at higher-welfare, free-range chicken farming and slaughter and claim that conditions are often no better than those on intensive farms.

The hype about free-range fed to the public, and the daily reality for free-range chickens are actually very different, the group say.

The digital billboard at Park Square roundabout in Sheffield
The digital billboard at Park Square roundabout in Sheffield

Senior campaigner Ayrton Cooper said: “Our message is that consumers are being fed a lie about free-range farming. Most compassionate people would be horrified to learn that almost all free-range birds are kept in huge flocks within large crowded barns, being let outside for only parts of the day.

“Whilst exit holes from free range-sheds may be compulsory, many sheds don’t have enough, and these exits are often blocked by the most dominant birds.

“It’s been stated that as little as 10% of free-range birds will be outside at any given time. We urge consumers to look beyond the labels and create a kinder world for chickens by choosing a plant-based diet.”