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Kayleigh Hayes
Kayleigh Hayes

Kayleigh Hayes is acting 
marketing manager for Stagecoach in Sheffield – which recently launched a fleet of 19 eco buses with a flashmob at Barkers Pool. She lives at Castleford with fiancé Dean, their two cats and a dog.

Are you a cook?
Yes, I find it therapeutic apart from the occasional catastrophe.

Any cooking tips?
Substitute half the mayo in any rich dressing recipe for Greek yogurt. It has no effect on the taste, but plenty on your calorie intake.

What’s your favourite dish?
Seared scallops… followed by a classic surf and turf, medium rare, and my grandma’s chocolate cake.

And a drink to go with it?
A nice red wine or a glass of Prosecco, and a cup of milky tea with the cake.

Your favourite restaurant in the Sheffield area?
La Mama Latin Tapas – very small and intimate with a wonderful atmosphere and stunning food.

And pub?
The Wortley Arms because it’s like formal dining in a pub atmosphere.

The worst meal you’ve had?
Anything with squid!

And the best?
In a seaside taverna in Lanzarote – just a Spanish family cooking the most delicious food.

Your favourite TV cook?
Gordon Ramsay – very entertaining television.

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?
I love the variety. There’s such an eclectic mix of cuisines, from traditional pies to fusion and ethnic.