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Susanna Hill
Susanna Hill

Susanna Hill was born in Sheffield and is currently studying for a masters in art gallery and museum studies. She is also helping to organise a silent art auction for Music in the Round to raise money for a new piano. The auction will run from May 13 to 18, see:

Are you a cook?

Very much so, though I often get lazy cooking for one.

Any cooking tips?
When making cake icing use raw cane icing sugar: it creates a rich and slightly nutty taste without the need for flavouring.

What’s your favourite dish?
Slow roast lamb that melts in the mouth.

And a drink to go with it? 
A rich red burgundy. 

Your favourite restaurant in the Sheffield area?

Le Bistro Pierre in Ecclesall Road, and l love their French-style cooking and rich flavours.

And pub?
Definitely the Ranmoor Inn, just for the memories.

The worst meal you’ve had?
A salad in a French cottage restaurant: the leaves were so fresh the bugs of the garden were still in them!

And the best?
My first introduction to Ethiopian cuisine – I’m an addict!

Your favourite TV cook?

Probably Nigel Slater, for his kitchen diaries.

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?
There is an amazing range if you go looking for it!