Food for thought

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Faye Smith is founder of marketing consultancy Keep Your Fork, which trains charities and businesses to publicise themselves. Faye, who lives in Ecclesall with son Zach, is nominated as Yorkshire Woman of Achievement in Business tomorrow.

Are you a cook?
Absolutely. On leaving home at 23 I learnt fast and enjoy it!

Any cooking tips?
Eat home-grown real food which is animal friendly; I haven’t bought supermarket meat in years.

What’s your favourite dish?
I love confit of duck leg with dauphinoise potatoes, Thyme Café’s garlic prawns and oh-so-crispy whitebait.

And a drink to go with it?
A Prosecco, with or without cassis for any celebration; a well-deserved dry cider after a long walk. Otherwise a very chilled Sauvignon.
Your favourite restaurant in the Sheffield area?
Depending on cuisine, Ashoka, the Pasta Bar, or Noodle Inn. Graze Inn and Thyme or, if I’m pushing the boat out, Wasabi Sabi.

And pub?
The Prince of Wales at Ecclesall.

What’s the worst meal you’ve ever had?
The house special at a roadside café in Rhonda – a bowl of offal in a weak stock…

And the best?
At the Old Vicarage, Ridgeway. A many-course culinary treat on the night I told my husband we were expecting our daughter Gabrielle.

Your favourite TV cook?
Jamie Oliver for his passion to change our children’s food.

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?
Eating out is a rare treat, but good food is a privilege and we shouldn’t forget it.