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Lisa Read
Lisa Read

Lisa Read is a teacher who now runs her own company offering coaching for educators, parents and students. She lives in Woodseats with husband Jason, three children, guinea pigs, chickens and tropical fish.

Are you a cook? 
Yes, I love to cook and bake.

Any cooking tips? 
Pastry is always best made with cold hands, so run yours under the cold tap for a while first.

What’s your favourite dish? 
I’m very into green smoothies – a great way to get lots of fruit and vegetables. I blitz up cucumber, spinach, bananas, apples and chia seeds with wheatgrass powder and water.

And a drink to go with it? 
Peppermint tea is my absolute favourite drink.

Your favourite restaurant in the Sheffield area? 
Wasabi Sabi on London Road is a real treat, especially the teppanyaki area.

And pub? 
I like the Broadfield on Abbeydale Road and the Abbey in Woodseats.

What’s the worst meal you’ve ever had? 
In my quest to be healthy I’ve made some pretty horrible things, including a sugar-free cake which tasted of baking soda and a carrot purée that went straight in the bin!

And the best? 
Curry at Kashmiri Aroma in Woodseats.

Your favourite TV cook? 
Jamie Oliver, he’s done a lot to raise awareness about healthy decent food.

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out? 
I love it, you can literally get anything you fancy and there’s something to suit all budgets.