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Terry Hussain
Terry Hussain

Terry Hussain is operations manager of Mercury Taxis – a sponsor of Sheffield Food Festival, which takes to the streets this weekend. He lives at Page Hall with his wife and son.

Are you a cook?
People say I’m a pretty good cook – and Mercury owners asked me to cater for their son’s 18th birthday dinner for 40 a while ago.

Any cooking tips?
Get the ingredients right: meat, sauces, basics. I’ve never picked up a cookery book, just be creative with spices and ingredients.

What’s your favourite dish?
Tandoori chicken – it’s so tasty with very little sauce. I like lots of side dips to complement the taste.

And a drink to go with it?
Pure fruit juice: probably cranberry or mango.

Your favourite restaurant in the Sheffield area?

Gulshan Balti House on the Wicker, because the cook is so good, he’ll make whatever you want.

And pub?
I like Firth Park Working Men’s Club where I’ve been going for 25 years at least. I know everyone there, so it’s really like being at home!

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?
At the Gulshan again: a delicious mince and potato dish.

Your favourite TV cook?
I’m so busy it’s rare I watch TV. No idea who’s out there I’m afraid!

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?
15 years ago it was very poor, but now it’s very up and coming. You can discover more traditional regional dishes and people have more discerning palettes so standards are improving.