Food For Thought: Victoria Watkin-Jones

Victoria Watkin-Jones is a wedding cake designer whose clients include London’s Dorchester Hotel and Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir. She lives in Nether Edge with husband Karl and rabbits Marmalade and Jose.

Are you a cook?

Yes, I did it as a job for a number of years but I’m probably a bit out of touch now! All our meals are made from scratch and I try to do something ‘nice’ at the weekends.

Any cooking tips?

My best buy was an oven thermometer. Most ovens are a bit off, one of mine was about 15 degrees out which for cakes is not good.

What’s your favourite dish?

I did a proper ragu the other night which is always good but takes hours to cook. Eating out it would be seafood or maybe venison. A really good curry can be amazing, loads of layers and depth of flavour. Oh, chicken livers – breakfast of champions!

And a drink to go with?

A good red. My all time fave is a Georges De Boeuf Fleurie, stunning and not too full on.

Your favourite restaurant in the Sheffield area?

Always loved the Mediterranean:great atmosphere and food. Had a great meal in Morans: worth overlooking its unassuming exterior.

And pub?

The Broadfield is my local so great for a drink and a decent pub lunch. The Porter Cottage was the first Sheffield pub I ever went in – nice to see the landlady still there!

What’s the worst meal you’ve ever had?

Sadly in a Sheffield pub a few weeks back; just no care at all taken on the food. Tasteless...

And the best?

The Bae Abermaw hotel in Wales where my husband proposed – had the most amazing salt marsh lamb (it’s sadly shut now).

Your favourite TV cook?

Antonio Carluccio just because I envy his life so much! You always see him pootling round the most amazing places in Italy, eating amazing food with his mates in the sun...

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?

Some good spots but room for improvement. Service lets it down – in my job I see some really high-end venues and you can see the difference. I’ve been to places where staff can’t even be bothered to look up never mind be helpful/polite; that irks me more than bad food.