Food for thought with Saira Final

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Saira Final is a marketing executive with South Yorkshire insolvency practice Moorhead Savage. A graduate of Sheffield University, she lives in Ecclesall.

Are you a cook?

I can cook reasonably well, but I’m more of a baker. I’d much rather make (and eat) courgette brownies than cook them as a vegetable.

Any cooking tips?

I used to find cooking stressful so my top tip would be: relax and enjoy it. You’re probably not going to kill yourself so don’t worry!

What’s your favourite dish?

I love comfort food: pies and stews. But my favourite has to be a proper roast with crispy-soft roast potatoes.

And a drink to go with it?

I prefer water with a meal. Unless I’m in Wagamama, then plum wine every time!

Your favourite restaurant in the Sheffield area?

I’ve had some delicious meals in Thyme Café, Broomhill. I also really like Tamper: Seller’s Wheel.

And pub?

Somewhere with entertainment – pool, board games, or live music, but not TV.

What’s the worst meal you’ve ever had?

In Hungary I was given pasta covered in sugar and ground nuts – it tasted so wrong!

And the best?

A big Sunday roast, home cooked by friends: great company and lots of banter.

Your favourite TV cook?

Jamie Oliver. I once watched Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals back-to-back for two hours!

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?

Sheffield is a great for eating out – too good actually – there are so many good places nearby I never know where to choose!