Ginspired school is just the tonic

Gin expert Ben  Schulze presides over the Old House Gin School
Gin expert Ben Schulze presides over the Old House Gin School

There’s an unusually studious air about the Old House bar and it has nothing to do with the nearby university...

The assembled group listens carefully as expert Ben Schulze instructs them on the finer points of artisan distilling; then the tasting begins. The monthly Gin School is soon in full swing.

The Devonshire Street event has been running for over a year now, focusing on different aspects of the spirit each month and attracting ‘students’ from seasoned connoisseurs to casual drinkers.

“No-one’s quite sure who came up with the idea as it was conceived after a copious amount of gin, but they’re a definite success!” says the bar’s Emma Fisher.

Gintroduction sessions explore artisan gins from around the world – the Old House stocks more than 50.

Ginnovation looks deeper into some of the more unusual gins, including Monkey 47, Oxley, The Botanist and speciality cocktails.

The next Gin School, on Thursday (Jan 23), will focus on Masons Yorkshire Gin – with Karl Mason introducing the product and the bar’s resident gin experts leading the class through taste tests.

Private Gin Schools are also available.