Is Sheffield 'L' of a city to pass your driving test?

L of a cost incurred with test failures
L of a cost incurred with test failures

With driving test pass rate highest for a decade, how does Sheffield compare?

Highlighting up to 40 per cent difference in first time pass rates nationwide, new research (here accompanied by timely theory test refresher and video tips) reveals our city last year saw 11,116 tests taken.

Some 5,850 Sheffield failures amounted to less than half (47.4 per cent) pass rate with unsuccessful learners counting £380,250 cost in six months alone.

Across the country that cost escalates to crippling £23,814,200 The Car People have calculated by analysing The Office of National Statistics data.

Sheffield Handsworth:

Pass rate of 44.8%

Male pass rate 48.8

Female pass rate 41.3%

Sheffield Middlewood Road:

Pass rate of 51%

Male pass rate 54.6%

Female pass rate 47.7%

According to ONS, those taking their driving test in the UK dropped by 500,000 over past 10 years. But the quality of L-platers rose with passers with no faults doubling over nine years.

Company sales director Jonathan Allbones said: “It’s great that so many more people are passing first time. It just goes to show the benefit passing first time has on learners wallets!

"My advice to any learner driver at present is to be patient, practise your driving skills and take your test only when you feel fully prepared.”

Overall tests (any attempt) totalled massive 1,252,871 in 2016/2017, more than half (52.8 per cent) of who failed, adding up to frightening £42,995,810 annual cost.