Jane’s life is transformed by ten-stone weight loss

Jane Elliott
Jane Elliott

A COUPLE of years ago, Jane Elliott’s weight had ballooned to 19 stone 13lb.

It was a result of “being poorly, having two kids. It just happened before you know it – you think, ‘I’ve got to do something about it.”

And her efforts have paid off handsomely. For Jane has lost ten stone and she was shortlisted for the Member Achievement of the Year in the National Fitness Awards.

“I feel alive,” said 46-year-old Jane, whose dress size has dropped from 32 to ten. “I am healthy and I have got more energy.”

It was very different in September 2009 before she enrolled at the Ladyzone weight loss and fitness centre in Middlewood Road, Hillsborough.

“I was like a prisoner in my own home. I had no social life. You just feel completely different.

“I kept passing Ladyzone and thought I have got to give it a try and I have never looked back.”

Within eight months, she had shed seven stone as a result of using a 30-minute circuit-based workout. There was also dietary advice, with Jane changing her habit of starving herself during the day and having one big meal at night.

“For the first two or three months, it was hell. It was hard work but as I saw the weight drop off it gave me encouragement to keep going.”

“You get to the stage where you think is it worth it but I was encouraged to keep going.

“It was so friendly. It wasn’t a chore. It was like a social outing. I went twice a day for half an hour a time. It completely changed my life.”

As her weight continued to fall, thanks largely to the help of Ladyzone manager Kayleigh Mitchell, Jane was able to walk every day from her home in Lower Walkley to and Dam Flask in the Loxley Valley. She was walking about 50 miles a week.

Her achievements were recognised in being shortlisted from 500 entries at the National Fitness Awards in Birmingham.

But there are other rewards for Jane, who lives with partner Peter and children Sophie, aged 13, and Joshua, aged 11.

“It has given me my life back. It’s little things, like bending down or taking the kids to the funfair...”

Although it did mean having to buy a new wardrobe. “There was only one shop I could go to beforehand.”

Meanwhile, the Ladyzone weight loss centre in Ecclesall Road, near Greystones Road, won Ladies Only Gym of the Year at the National Fitness Awards.

The Ladyzone team collected their prize from Coronation Street actress Katherine Kelly, who plays Becky McDonald in the ITV soap.