Japanese miso brand launched by Sheffield chef set to make tasty turnover

A Sheffield-bred business owner is hoping to make a turnover of over 1.3 million by turning her passion for a Japanese ingredient into a business.

Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 13:50 pm
Sheffield-born Bonnie Chung with products from her Japanese food brand Miso Tasty.

Bonnie Chung, who’s made a living by selling over 100 tonnes of Japanese flavouring miso, runs a business called Miso Tasty.

 Former Sheffield student Bonnie was working as a chef when she launched her own brand. She now sells kits to help food-lovers make authentic Japanese food in their own home.

Miso is rich in umami flavour said to keep people fuller for longer and have  countless health benefits, 

Miso Tasty is set to have a turnover of 1.3 million this year, with its handy noodle kits and miso tastes flying off the shelves at supermarkets across the country, bought by people keen to have a go at cooking Japanese food at home from scratch. 

Bonnie said: “It feels incredible to have gone on such a challenging journey with Miso Tasty – I have grown so much since I started it eight years ago. I launched the product in London after I left Sheffield, but It was an amazing feeling when I saw my products and cookbook in a supermarket near where my parents live. 

“My entrepreneurial journey did start in Sheffield at Sheffield High School, where I was a student –  I was always making things to sell to fellow students, from pencil cases to handbags and stationary.  I always knew I wanted to run my own business.” 

Miso Tasty’s range includes ramen and udon kits,  miso soups and pure miso products. While Miso Tasty is based in London, products are made in Nagano, Japan.

Bonnie said: “Miso is made from fermented soybeans which might seem a bit foreign but is in fact in a lot of food that you might already enjoy like teriyaki sauce and hoi sin sauce. So if you like those flavours, you will definitely love miso too. 

“It’s incredibly versatile too. Its brilliant to add to stir-fry sauces, as a vegetable stock alternative, or to make miso soup of course. For desserts, miso can add a deep savoury angle, so if you like flavours like salted caramel, you will love desserts like miso brownies.”

“Most of our kits take less than ten minutes to put together with easy instructions. You just add your own fresh ingredients.” 

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