Making birthday wishes come true

Kate Thorpe - co-ordinator Free Cakes for Kids
Kate Thorpe - co-ordinator Free Cakes for Kids

Keen baker Kate Thorpe has magical memories of the birthday cakes her mum made – and believes every child should have the same – so she volunteered her services to Free Cakes for Kids...

But when she discovered there was no branch of the charity in Sheffield, she deicded to set it up herself.

Now Kate, of Ecclesall, is appealing for family support organisations to come forward and tell her of children who might need a cake – and fellow baking enthusiasts to help her fill the orders.

“My friend runs a group in Hackney, so I was very pleased to be able to bring it to Sheffield,” says Kate, who has spent the last two weeks posting off letters, referral forms and posters, to help spread the word.

“When you’re a child, your birthday is so very special and getting a cake with your name on it is a real treat. The service is aimed at families who can’t provide a cake for whatever reason.

“Lots of volunteers who have got in touch have spent years making cakes for their children and are keen to help make sure others in Sheffield have extra special birthdays.”

To volunteer, or request a cake, visit Free Cakes for Kids - Sheffield