Those were the days, August 31 1979: When Hillsborough Park staged the Sheffield Show

Sheffield Show 1979
Sheffield Show 1979

Thousands are expected to flock to Graves Park for the Sheffield Show this weekend.

Many remember its previous home in Hillsborough Park although apparently it was originally held in the Farm Grounds on Granville Road.

In 1979 three days of fun and spectacle drew 100,000 into 50 acres of things to see and do.

Then as now the horticulture show was the centrepiece and they shipped in one of the largest marquees in the country to house it. There was also showjumping, skydiving, marching bands, drum majorettes, a battle of the bands, football matches, a funfair, fireworks, trips on a fire engine turntable ladder, vintage cars, displays by uniformed services which included, as our picture shows, a Spitfire Second World War fighter plane.