On your bike to raise Sheffield cycle charity funds

The inaugural RideforEric bike ride in 2014
The inaugural RideforEric bike ride in 2014

Cyclists across Sheffield will unite to support the team behind RideforEric, when the organisation hosts its next charity ride on May 19 2019.

The event will be called RideforEric60 in celebration of the year that would have been Eric Codling’s 60th birthday. The charity was established after Eric was killed by a drunk and reckless driver when out on a bike ride in November 2013. All funds raised for RideforEric are used to support safe and inclusive cycling events and projects as well as helping to fund bereavement support services.

Following this year’s ride which saw 200 participants taking part, RideforEric are able to donate £2,255.00 to HOPE charity. HOPE offers a meeting place through a peer support group for anyone who has been bereaved or who has witnessed a traumatic incident. Established for over a decade HOPE have lots of experience of supporting people through loss, irrespective of when that loss occurred.

Karen Codling, of RideforEric, said: “This year’s event was amazing. Considering we had changed venues and routes the feedback we have received from our riders and supporters has been tremendous.

Launching the 2019 ride on Eric’s 60th birthday made me smile a lot; he would be thrilled but a bit embarrassed to know that his age was out there. We are planning an even bigger and better event next year.”

Next year’s ride will follow the same format as this year’s which started at Forge Valley School.

You can find out more about RideforEric on www.rideforeric.com and if cycling isn’t your thing, Karen and the RideforEric team are always looking for volunteers. If you’re free and want to help out with the organising or on the day, contact joinin@rideforeric.com email address.