Bag of urine, old lawnmower and vodka bottles dumped at Sheffield car park as volunteers launch new campaign

Volunteers from community action group Hillsborough Hates Litter have launched a new campaign after clearing a horrifying haul of rubbish from a car park.

Monday, 24th May 2021, 4:19 pm
Hillsborough Hates Litter asks owners of local car park to clean up its act.

The group recently carried out a community litter pick of the car park on Bradfield Road which they say has become an “eye-sore” with litter, much of it plastic, polluting the river Loxley, which runs alongside the car park.

Among the many bags of litter cleared from the site were items including an old lawnmower and even a plastic bag full of urine, which was discovered hanging in a tree.

The car park had also become a shopping trolley graveyard, with trolleys belonging to B&M Bargains stuffed full of unsavoury rubbish, including nappies and rotten food. Volunteers bagged the litter found in the trolleys before B&M staff removed the litter after being told about the situation.

Hillsborough Hates Litter asks owners of local car park to clean up its act

Volunteer Anne Grange said: ‘We found discarded face masks, beer cans, vodka bottles, crisp packets and lots of fast-food packaging. Car park users should start setting a good example by putting their litter in a bin or taking it home with them. But the parking company haven’t done anything to discourage littering.”

The group have looked into the running of the car park and the company that runs the car park, Highview Parking, now appears to be owned by GroupNexus.

Local shop keepers pay maintenance money to a different company, however, and the site owners also seems to be with another business.

Helen Rice, who set up Hillsborough Hates litter after being full of despair at the extent of the local litter problem, said: "The car parking company are making a lot of money from this site – and the public are receiving a negligible service in return.

Hillsborough Hates Litter asks car park owners to clean up their act.

"People should clean up after themselves, but the car parking company have a responsibility to maintain the site – instead, litter has been rotting there for years. Local businesses, such as the Sue Ryder charity shop, have to pay the carpark’s landlord for their use of the car park, yet have to put up with the rubbish, with no one available at the company to.

"We decided to take matters into our own hands to shame the car parking company over their long-standing neglect of the site. The state of the car park puts people off visiting local shops, at a time when it’s essential for money to be invested in Sheffield’s economy.

"This is a nationwide problem – with swathes of land simply being used to make profit at the expense of its users, and we will not stop until we get the answers we want from the companies running this car park.”

Hillsborough Hates Litter is a new litter and environmental action group and welcomes new people getting involved.

Hillsborough Hates Litter asks car park owners to clean up their act.

Visit their Facebook group for more details.

The Telegraph has approached GroupNexus for comment.