Favourite Things: Live music, great food and beautiful scenery...

Favourite things Jason Denmark Sheffield City Hall
Favourite things Jason Denmark Sheffield City Hall

Jason Denmark is managing director of ITI Network Services Ltd and CEO of The Templand Group.

He is also an elected voluntary member of the council of the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce.

Photo: Rob Miller.

Photo: Rob Miller.

He was born in Dumfries, spent his teenage years in Wickersley and moved to Sheffield in 1989 after meeting wife Britt at the, then-famous, nightclub, Isabella’s.

Jason, Britt, their daughter Harriet and son Ross live in Bents Green.

Sheffield City Hall

One of my first experiences of visiting Sheffield was the City Hall, a fantastic venue for live music.

At that time I was a budding musician playing in a rock band, so I insisted on visiting the place as much as my small salary could sustain.

The atmosphere was always electric, the sound and stage lighting exceptional.

I remember my first concert in the 80s was Sheffield rockers Saxon, followed by memorable gigs by the Scorpions, Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue and INXS.

Then came the 90’s, with the likes of Iron Maiden, Extreme, UFO and sandwiched somewhere between, Hall and Oates and (dare I say it) Elton John. Great memories and an iconic musical venue.

‘Royal’ Beauchief Golf Club

After finishing an uneventful footballing career, I took up golf at Beauchief Golf Course - a scenic parkland course set in the grounds of Beauchief Abbey in the south west of Sheffield, with stunning views to the hills of the Peak District.

Beauchief is a blend of the finest scenery and great playing standards. However my biggest impression of the club is its fantastic members. Y

ou will always get a warm and friendly welcome at any time: it’s a wonderful golfing experience both on and off the course!

Harrisons Ecclesall Road

For many years I have been a loyal fan of this fabulous family-run men’s outfitter. John and his wonderful team of staff make men’s shopping a pleasure and not a chore. John, an exquisite buyer in his own right, fills the store with iconic designer brands, fresh and inspiring new labels, complemented by wonderful customer service.

Bents Green, Whirlow Farm and Ecclesall Woods

We arrived in Bents Green 10 years ago. It’s been a wonderful place to live, minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Ecclesall Road and from the wonderful Peak District; the best of both worlds, city and countryside. Growing up, my children were able to spend lots of time in the Peak District.

We also love to walk from Bents Green to Whirlow Farm - a great ‘back to nature’ family experience with a super café - and to walk down into the stunning and ancient Ecclesall Woods.

Wyming Brook

My wife and I used to go here frequently when the children were very small, with our labrador Bud. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of Sheffield; many people even call it “Little Switzerland” because of its scenery and topography. Start a walk from Rivelin up Wyming Brook and you have the added bonus of ending up in the Three Merry Lads for some light refreshments.

The Hammer & Pincers

I must admit to frequenting a few pubs in west Sheffield, such as the Porter Brook, The Banner Cross, and the Rising Sun in Nether Green. My home overlooks the Hammer and Pincers, and I’ve had wonderful experiences over the past 10 years with friends and family trying their latest brews. It’s so nice to live near a family and dog-friendly ‘local’ with a great atmosphere.

Mediterranean Restaurant

This place is a favourite of ours for special occasions. I’m a person who likes his food hot and plentiful; in the Mediterranean the food is exquisite and it is one of the most friendly Sheffield restaurants - lots of family memories.


Many of our close friends live in this wonderful village and we have spent happy times socialising and enjoying food in the exceptional Hathersage Social Club. Plenty of Sheffielders must enjoy wonderful weekend experiences in this beautiful village; we are fortunate that it is so near.