New urban street furniture at Park Hill in Sheffield is helping to ‘build communities’

New urban street furniture and play pieces have been installed at Park Hill for ‘residents to enjoy’ as part of its redevelopment programme.

Wednesday, 10th March 2021, 3:52 pm

From bears and snails to abstract benches, there is something for all the residents at Park Hill thanks to investment in the sculpture plinths in the landscaped area of the Phase 1 redevelopment.

The art and play pieces provide additional seating for the residents and the surrounding community and visitors – as well as doubling up as climbing tools for children and families.

The five pieces at Park Hill includes two abstract benches, a model bear, a wooden snail and a large concrete stone, all commissioned by Create Partnerships, a Sheffield-based independent collective owned by Paul Collings.

The Harris family - residents at Park Hill who are delighted with the play pieces and this Family play bench by moveART

Inspired by nature, the stone seating takes on the familiar shape of the pebble and invites residents to sit down, relax and enjoy quality-time and their surroundings.

Both the snail and bear pieces allow children to have a friendly encounter with animals, and invite them in to touch and use them in games – as well as hold onto lovingly.

Paul Collings, director of Create Partnerships, said: “We are delighted to partner with Urban Splash and Places for People with their inspirational redevelopment of the iconic Park Hill flats, and to exhibit some of our sculptural play and urban furniture elements on their outdoor plinths for the residents to enjoy.”

Greg Ball, on behalf of the joint venture between Urban Splash and Places for People, said: “The sculpture plinths are versatile outdoor exhibition spaces and we are really pleased that our first use of them is with Create Partnerships.

The friendly snail by Richter Spielgerate can be used as comfort table seats or just to hold onto lovingly.

"As well as being recognised as an urban regeneration developer we are also known for our support for the arts and that we recognise that art plays an integral part in creating environments that build communities.

"In the few days since these pieces have appeared on the plinths it has been great to see them being so well used and the Richter snail and bear are a magnet for young children as well as providing another play area for those who attend the nursery.”