Waking: Grand old Duke of walk

From Low Bradfield the walk climbs through fields to High Bradfield. The route passes the church and Bailey hill, goes through a wood before it cross more open land. The route follows the old Dukes Road on to the moors to Back Tor.

The route then drops down Foulstone Road before returning to Low Bradfield by the side of Dale Dike Reservoir.

From the car park take the path around the back of the car park in the direction of the village hall.

Do not cross the bridge. Continue up the left bank of the stream until you reach the narrow wooden bridge. Take care as flagstones are uneven and can be slippery. Cross the bridge and ascend the stone steps.

Continue up the path until you emerge onto Smallfield Lane. Beware of traffic.

Cross Smallfield Road and go up the steps and through the metal gate on to the footpath opposite.

Continue up the hill in the same direction as before. Follow the path up by the trees, aiming for the church in High Bradfield.

The path goes across in front of the churchyard on top of the retaining wall, to come out by the main entrance to the church yard. The building on your left by the church yard is a watchtower built to prevent body snatching.

The footpath goes up Jane Lane beside the watchtower and then left over a stone stile.

Take the path through the church yard and on into the woods.

As the path enters the woods the path splits three ways. The right fork goes up to Bailey Hill. The left turn goes down to Agden Reservoir.

Take the middle path (slightly to the right) which descends slowly into the woods. These woods are due to be harvested in late 2010.

Follow the path as it turns left in the woods.

The path drops down to Rocher End Brook. Go through the gate and go straight on taking the wide track. Do not turn right up the hill.

Follow the track round until you reach the junction.

Go up through the stone gateway ahead on the right.

Go up the slope and head slightly to your right until you join the track.

Follow the track until you reach the stone stile. Cross the stile and then cross the field to the next stile, which is on its own with no fence!

Follow the path along past the ruined farm buildings at Rocher Head.

Continue along the lane, ignoring the path off to the right.

Continue up to the main road (Smallfield Lane). Beware of traffic.

Cross the road taking the footpath opposite.

Cross the field, aiming for the gateway at the far end.

Continue up through the next field. At the stone gateway entrance to the field take the path to the right keeping the wall on your left.

This path emerges onto Mortimer Road. Again beware of traffic.

Cross the road and go through the gate to take the track known as the Dukes Road onto the moor.

The path starts out as a well made track, but slowly degenerates into a rough and sometimes boggy path.

Follow the path for 2.5 miles.

As Low Tor and Back Tor get closer the path splits, with the right fork dropping down to Derwent Reservoir.

The split occurs near a couple of cairns.

Keep to the left path. The next section has been paved with slabs and should be visible from the junction. The path is reasonably well defined.

Follow the paved path past Low Tor and up to Back Tor.

Enjoy the views from Back Tor across the Dark Peak, including Win Hill, Lose Hill, Mam Tor, Kinder Scout and Bleaklow.

From Back Tor continue south towards Dove Stones for a short distance until you reach the cross roads of paths, marked by the upright marker stone.

Turn left and go down the path known as Foulstone Road.

Follow this path all the way down to the Mortimer Road. Beware of traffic.

Turn left and follow Mortimer Road for nearly half a mile.

After the left hand turn take the farm track down towards Strines reservoir. (SK 22710 90883)

Follow the lane round to the left and past the farm buildings.

Turn right towards the Strines dam wall. Take the footpath that goes down across the field on the left.

Go down through the woods and across the wooden bridge.

Take the right fork indicated by the yellow arrow on the marker post.

Follow the path along by the side of Dale Dike reservoir.

At the end of the reservoir follow the path down steps and across a wide bridge. Follow the track as it winds back up to the road. Just before the road look out for the stones that mark the position of the original dam that failed causing the Sheffield Flood. Beware of traffic.

Turn right and then go down Dale Road back to Low Bradfield.

Sands Lane and the car park will be on your left as you drop into the village.

Duke’s Road: The track is named after the Duke of Norfolk, who owned large parcels of land in this area. It is likely the track was used to allow access for grouse shooting, although it probably followed an earlier ancient route over the moors. G.H.B Ward, the well-known Sheffield rambler, once described the walk over the Duke of Norfolk’s road as the ‘wildest Yorkshire moorland walk south of Wharfedale.’ It was also the scene of a mass trespass in September 1932, when 200 ramblers walked from Bradfield to Abbey Brook in protest against the lack of public access to the moors. Since the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, there has been open access to much of the moor.

St Nicholas Church: The parish church, St Nicholas Church, is in the Gothic Perpendicular style and dates from the 1480s. It incorporates elements of an earlier church that may have been built in the 12th century. There is a green man roof boss, an Anglo-Saxon stone cross and a number of interesting memorials to be seen inside.

A walk from Low Bradfield along Dukes Road to Back Tor and Dale Dike Reservoir

• Length 12.5 miles

• Time - 6 hours

• Grade - Gentle ascents, some rough ground, can be boggy in places.

• Start - Car park /bus stop, The Sands, Low Bradfield

• Parking – Public car park, The Sands, Low Bradfield

• Public transport – 61 / 62 bus stops at Fair House Lane/ Smithy Bridge Road, Low Bradfield.

• Refreshments – Old Horns Inn, High Bradfield & Postcard Café, Low Bradfield.

• Public Toilets – Low Bradfield.

• Grid Reference - SK 2626 9204

• We advise you use Ordnance Survey Map Outdoor Leisure 1, The Peak District – Dark Peak area on this walk.

• This walk is described in detail on Bradfield Walkers are Welcome Bradfield Walkers